10 reasons why we love Kim K

She is the definition of slay all day erryday, let us count the reasons we love Kim K... (more…)

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Girls we wish were our BFFs

We're always stalking these cool af girls on Insta who are alwaysgiving us major envy.  If we can't be them then can we at least have them as our BFFs? (more…)

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Meet Nora en Pure.  She's the killer house DJ who's tracks are quickly becoming some of our faves.  We caught up with her to chat breakinginto the industry, dream collabs and what she takes with her on tour... (more…)

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Celebs nailing the CBA look

One of those days when you just CBA? These celebs know how to look cool AF without giving AF. Taking style tips from Cara to Kendall, we’ve got everything you need to nail the cba look. Stock up on oversized sweats, ripped jeans and a fresh pair of kicks for that total ceebs vibe. (more…)

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