When it comes to the perfect glam, nobody does it quite like Kim K. With her flawless cheekbones, perfect pout and dark eyes (not to mention an extremely talented makeup artist) we’re always green with envy every time her lace-up clad heels hit the red carpet. We’ve put together our top 10 favourite Kim K looks and give you the skinny on how to get the look.

kim k lipstick

This is the Kim we’ve all come to know and love and would be what we describe as classic Kim; a generous smokey eye with a hint of gold, flawless contour, perfect brows and a slightly glossy nude lip.

The classic Kim K drama is all about the eyes. Go big on the shadow and remember to also apply this to your bottom lash line and blend outwards. Kim K tends to go for slightly lighter colours these days, so go for a dark brown in your waterline for a more sophisticated look.

kim kardashian beauty

So her marriage to Kris Humphries may not have worked out but her wedding makeup couldn’t have been more perfect. I mean, talk about artistry.

Focus on soft eyeshadows for your lid, then blend a slightly darker colour in the crease of your eye. Instead of using liquid liner, use a gel liner that you can gently fluff outwards so that there’s less of a harsh line. Opt for a natural set of lashes rather than dramatic and hello wedding glam!

kim k make up

Okay, so calling this look natural may be a bit of a stretch (you’re not fooling anyone Kim), but the effect gives off a kind of natural vibe that we’re not really used to with Kim.

Get your hands on a good highlighter and go for a pink-nude lipstick to get the effect. We’re loving this look for all the weddings we’re going to this summer and it’s a great way to look understated, yet gorgeous.

kim kardashian make up

This one may not be everyone’s skinny vanilla latte but we’re loving Kim’s robo glam look, especially the dyed brows. She teams the look with loads of wispy eyelashes, a matt nude lip and some impressive ear cuff bling.

Approach this one with a considerable amount of caution. If you’re thinking about going whole hog we’d recommend getting your brows dyed professionally to avoid orange brows.

kim kardashian lip

We’re obsessed with the sparkly Kim that graced the Grammys in 2015. With multiple shades of gold and bronze, blended to absolute perfection, the overall look is major and that gold Jean Paul Gaultier gown she wore couldn’t have been more perfect.

When applying the eyeshadow, start with the fairest shade of shimmer in the inner corners of your eyes and work your way outwards, going gradually darker. Follow the exact same routine on the lower lashline, but with a smaller brush and then add copious amounts of mascara to frame.

kim kardashian makeup looks

Kim keeps it simple with perfect winged eyeliner and we think it suits her down to a T. Groomed brows (of course) and her signature contour complete the look, not to mention that highlight!

You will need: a very steady hand, a considerable amount of patience and a good liquid liner.

kim kardashian lips

Remember Kim’s pink latex dress? How could we forget?! But Kim’s dress wasn’t the only smokin’ thing about this look. We’re in love with the doll-like makeup and it sets off the outfit perfectly.

To get the look, you’ll need to invest in some white eyeliner for your waterline, a good pair of eyelashes and some poppin’ pink lipstick. The white eyeliner will really make your eyes stand out and appear doll-like and aloof.

kim k lips

Kim shows us how it’s done with this stunning beach look. Whilst not every girl may have her pouty lips, you can definitely work it with a nude lipstick with the slightest hint of sheen.

To make your beach look a lot less high maintenance, (not everyone has Mario Dedivanovic waiting patiently in the wings with a suitcase of brushes) splash out on some semi-permanent lashes and clear brow gel to look totally effortless.

kim k makeup

There’s nothing sexier than winged eyeliner, wispy eyelashes and a dramatic red lip. Kim looks like a total goddess with this look and lucky for us, it’s actually not too difficult to achieve.

Apply two coats of red lipstick and opt for a shade with a slightly orange undertone for added warmth. Finish off by dabbing concealer around the corners of your lips to keep the look looking fresh for longer.

kim k makeup look

It may be a classic but this one’s definitely one of our faves. We’re lovin’ the grey smokiness, soft contour and glossy lip.

One important rule when going for this look; if you’re going to opt for a glossy lip like Kim, choose only matte eyeshadow colours. There’s nothing worse than a makeup look that’s got way too much shine going on and we adore the slightly bluish grey matte shade Kim has gone for.