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These are the 6 DIY beauty hacks to try this summer…

 summer beauty hacks

beauty hacks summer

1. Make your balm work harder

Don’t you know, lip balm isn’t just for hydrating and smoothing your lips.  Try adding sugar to it for an awesome lip scrub that will banish dry lips forever. It can also be used on the cheeks as a blush/highlighter and on dry skin to moisturise.  Who knew?!

2. Get masked up

We don’t need an excuse for a pamper sesh, especially if it’s going to get us glowy skin. Try mixing clay or sea salt with honey and milk for a DIY face mask you can try at home to give tired-looking skin an instant boost and give you that babin’ plumped look we’re all after, especially in the summer months.

3. Beautiful brows

Brows are still one of the key parts to any beauty look and it’s essential that you keep ‘em looking on fleek. Try applying a primer or concealer before filling in your brows.  Not only will this hold the colour but also help to define your brow bones.

4. Cheeks on fleek

Highlighter is our go-to beauty product RN. Use a strobe cream or a cream highlighter (you can make this by adding loose highlighter powder to any of your moisturisers) to give a light reflecting finish. Use a bright light to find the perfect placement for your highlight – this will make sure that when you blend, you’ll get the dewy shimmer in all the right places.

5. Tame the static

Now that the weather is heating up, hair static will be back but how do we get rid?!  A really simple way to slay the frizz is to run your hands through the ends of your locks after applying body lotion, the leftover lotion smoothes static and keeps it down.

6. Peachy eyeshadow = instant party look

Eyeshadow is definitely a yes when it comes to summer parties and this year it’s time to ditch the blues, yellows and powerful colours and pick up something a little more subtle. Peachy, neutral shades help to bring a whole new element to your style and really define all of your natural features as well as making you look like a glowing goddess, and that’s okay by us.