At Missguided, we’ve unlocked the secret to the perfect tan for that big night out, glow for gold and read our guide for top tanning tips!

How to Tan for a Night Out

Tanning tip – Whether you’re celebrating something special or just fancy dressing up to the nines, a perfect tan is the ultimate accessory!

 St. Moriz have created the ultimate no fuss night out tanning in the form of their Instant Wash Off Shimmer Tan. Smooth it on and voila! An instant golden gleam that will wash away at the end of the night. Ensure your pins are party perfect with a slick of tan on smooth skin! Remember to leave 24 hours after shaving or waxing before applying any tanning products and let it dry thoroughly before you get dressed, tan lines on your clothes are not a good look.

Painting Your Nails with a Tan

Nail tip – Graphic nail art in monochrome shades makes a strong contrast against the shimmer.

Clothes – Dare to bare your legs, go for warm peachy tones that enhance your glow, and add embellishments! Try the Missguided Mizzy Embellished Collar Playsuit – it’s the ultimate girl’s night out get up!


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