If there’s one time you can go wild and colour your hair crazy, it’s festival season. Hair chalking is perfect for dye-o-phobe’s as it’s temporary and easy to apply, just follow our step by step guide and you too can DIY your way to the season’s hottest hair trend.

how to do hair chalk - missguided

What you’ll need:

Hair Brush

Hair Dryer

Water Spray

Hair Chalk

Disposable Gloves


how to hair chalk for a festival

First of all make sure you have a towel around the shoulders to avoid getting any colour on clothing and that you’re waearing disposable gloves to avoid staining the fingers.

Comb the hair through and spray with water until slightly damp.

festival hair chalking

Work the chalk into the hair with a rubbing motion, using more chalk towards the ends of the hair to create an ombre effect

how to hair chalk festival hair chalk diy

Once all of the desired hair is chalked, split the hair into sections and blow dry to seal the colour.

hair inspiration for festivals

Once the hair is dry, style as normal.

We created a messy beach look using a styling wand, and then brushing out the defined curls to create a more relaxed wave.

festival hair chalk hair chalking how to

The chalk should stay in the hair for a couple of days, or at least until it’s washed out.

Just be careful as the chalk can sometimes still rub off onto clothing even once sealed.

And there you go, festival-fit in barely any time at all!

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