Treasure’s Guide To Loving Yourself

by | February 14, 2018


Self-love is incredibly important, so we asked our very own MGHQ babe and retail VM manager, Treasure Evans to tell us her 5 tips for self-love.

In order to be able to love someone, you have to love yourself first.

We are encouraging you to love the skin you’re in, without any highlighter or bronzer or dog ear filters. Be confident and happy with the person you are inside and out babes.

In a social media-driven world where people can ‘fake it for the gram’ and a life of chia seeds, Bali ready bodies and kale f*cking crisps making us all feel inadequate, we decided it would be nice to have a little bit of real talk, from a real woman, with real f*cking hips, working a full-time job, trying to manage a social life, eat a balanced diet, whilst enjoying life at the same time.

Here are Treasure’s top tips…

Always laugh (but mainly at your own jokes)