One of our favourite blogging babes Helen from Melon Lady is also lead singer of the up and coming band ‘Box Of Light’. The talented, sassy and badass chick leads the 5 piece band who have been touring festivals and the UK this summer.

We caught up with them for a little insight into band life…

Missguided Meets Box of Light

missguided interview with box of light

missguided meets box of light for interview

How did you guys meet? You seem a really close knit group of mates.

Well Roz, Melon and Duncan went to school together and were in bands growing up together, then Adam and Conor were introduced to us by our manager and we became best friends over the summer last year at the festivals!

Who in the music world inspires you the most?

A mixture really! Grunge, 60s surf pop, soul! So Best Coast, Wavves, Gaslight Anthem, we just kinda go with whatever flow is happening that day though…

What tips do you have for other bands starting out?

Get your sound down, it will make the writing process so much easier.  It took us a while, but we got it. 

What would be your dream gig/ festival to play?

A big one in America like Burning Man, or Glastonbury.

If you could describe your band in 3 words what would they be?

Summery, Happy, Friendly

Who’s the joker, serious one, organised one and creative one out of the band?

Joker – we all are, banter all day every day.
Serious – Melon, she tells us what to do all the time.
Organised – Conor, he sorts out our gear and is the ultimate perfectionist.
Creative – We all have a piece of the creative cake!

The music industry comes with a lot of ups and downs, how do you cope with the ride?

As long as we have beer tokens at gigs, we dont mind. or we cry at our manager and Het, his wife, to make us soup.

We love your cover of Lorde’s ‘Royal’. Is she a big influence of yours?

Oh that was Melon’s thing really. Shes not really an influence, though shes doing a great job!

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened at one of your gigs?

We played with Roz’s flip knife as a dare game and it got a bit crazy, resulting in Duncan with a huge gash in his arm and a trip to A&E , whoops!

We recommend listening to their song Falling, check it out here.

Buy the new single The Island here.


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