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22 Aug, 2016

These babes are giving us major Insta envy RN…

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Jenny @chennyjoi 

This babe is just plain cooool

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Liane Banks @lianabanks

She’s the up and coming singer with that hair colour that you really wanna try but can’t pull off for sh*t

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Bibi Bourelly @bibibourelly

She’s written songs for Rihanna and her new track ‘Sally’ is so good

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Kristine Froseth @kristine_froseth

We reckon this girl is gonna be the new face of Chanel one day. Watch this face

katie kuiper model

Katie Kuiper @katiekuips

Katie’s an up and coming model with insane style

robyn troup instagram

Robyn Troup @robynthebank

Robyn is a singer-songwriter from Cali who’s going to take over.

chessi instagram

Chessi @chessi

Chessi is a blogger and she’s got one of those feeds that makes you wanna delete your account and start again

edens heaven instagram

Eden @edensheaven

There’s only three words for model Eden: lips, body, hair…

cassyette instagram

Cassyette @cassyette

Cassyette has Miami cool style and she’s a killer DJ too, we’re obsessed

alexis mackenzie instagram

Alexis Mackenzie @alexiskenzie

We wanna be her BBF ’cause this girl is flyyyy

mallory llewellyn instagram

 Mallory Liewellyn @malloryllewellyn

Mallory is a badass chick that writes for our favourite mag @Galore

tommy genesis instagram

Tommy Genesis @tommygenesis

She’s a rapper bad girl with rad style

jaide douse instagram

Jade Douse @jaidedouse

Jaide is an artist and all-round cool girl taking over London with @bossyldn

hannah lee grunden instagram

Hannah Lee Grunden @hannahgrunden

She’s a fashion editor and cyber princess

mabel mcvey instagram

Mabel McVey @mabelmcvey

If you’re looking for new music then Mabel’s is it.  She’s gonna be the next big thing