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1. You got locked in the library, honest

2. You couldn’t reach the front door because of the mess your housemates have made, which is now spilling into every corner of the house


university students


3. ‘Cos the first year of uni doesn’t count, right? So why make the effort

4. Because you’re still on the first line of the book you were meant to have read by today. You’ve read that same line around 100 times already


uni students


5. You went out ‘for one’ last night and ended up rolling in at 6am and now you can’t even

6. Because all you have left in the fridge is a spoonful of butter and an empty can of lager and that does not make for efficient brain food


uni students


7. Your flatmate drunkenly decided to cook a full English breakfast at 3am. He set fire to the tea towel causing the fire alarms to go off in your student halls and now life is a huge struggle

8. Because you can’t last a whole 3 hours without taking a nap


university students 2016


9. You fell asleep on the tube on the way in and ended up in Cockfosters

10. You have no clean underwear left

11. Your lecturer is hot and as you’re still drunk from last night, you fear you might ask him out and never live it down

12. You’re on a roll, why stop now?




13. You’re still out

14. Snapchat has a new filter and OMG I need to take so many selfies this morning

15. YouTubing the content of today’s lecture instead means you can stay in bed




16. You can definitely just ask a friend to recite the lecture back to you later

17. You still have stuff to catch up on from the last lecture you missed and now seems like a great time to do it

18. OMG, did Instagram just turn into Snapchat? That’s my morning done then


uni student 2016

19. Calling the BFF and getting a debrief on last night is way more important