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All The Times Celebs Slayed Halloween

October is upon us, so there should be only one thing on your mind. What the hell am I going to wear for Halloween?! Don’t worry, you don’t have to trail the shops for ideas. Sit back with your pumpkin spice latte and grab some ideas from our ultimate celeb Halloween costumes. To make it even easier for you, we have obviously linked how you can recreate the looks for yourself. We’ve always got your back, babe.

1. Kendall Jenner

celeb halloween costume kendall

Transform yourself into an Austin Powers’ Fembot, and look as amazing as Kendall. Go for a thigh-skimming pink dress, heeled feather slippers, and a whole can of hairspray to get that huge barnet. Glam housewife-meets-robot costume = Sorted.

2. Lily-Rose Depp

missguided celebity halloween costumes

This girl can do absolutely no wrong, and her ringmaster Halloween costume is nailing the brief. Team a structured red blazer with a crisp white shirt, then throw on either leggings or sequin shorts for a show-stopping costume.

3. Kaia Gerber

missguided celeb halloween costume

Bring out your inner riot grrrl, and rock Kaia’s Joan Jett Halloween look. This costume is super-easy for last-minute planners. Just opt for head to toe black and anything leather for a grunged up version of your everyday style.

4. Paris Hilton

missguided halloween costumer furby

Embrace your inner 90s child and dress up as everybody’s favourite/most annoying childhood companion: The Furby. Embrace the full look like Paris Hilton and throw all the glitter, feathers and faux fur at your outfit.

5. Halsey

missguided halsey halloween costume

Get a bikini and some bodypaint, and you’re on your way to the perfect Poison Ivy costume. Get yourself out in the garden and find some (non-poisonous) leaves to wrap around your limbs for a truly authentic look… And make sure to match your eyeshadow like Halsey!

6. Kim Kardashian

celebrity halloween outfits

Channel Madonna with the easiest Halloween costume you have ever had to find. Simply, wear the most glam dress you can find with a faux fur jacket and jewels to match. Go all out with a blonde wig and red lip.

7. Leomie Anderson

celebrity halloween outfits

Get the Whitney Houston look in the most badass babe outfit that can be made up of clothes from your wardrobe (floordrobe). Lace-up boots being the main event with added chains and belts for full Queen of the night vibes.

8. Beyonce

celebrity halloween outfits

Beyonce gives us all the vibes as glam barbie. This may be the easiest of all of the Halloween outfits as long as you don’t mind getting a little crafty. Have you got a box tall enough?

9. Emily Ratajkowski

celebrity halloween outfits

A classic film with the most badass female character, so of course Emily Ratajkowski’s costume is Pulp Fiction’s Mia Wallace. By far the least stressful outfit, just add a black wig and off you go.

10. Karrueche

celebrity halloween outfits

Karrueche channelled Lil’ Kim in the ‘Crush on you’ video in all blue, so naturally, we want to recreate this epic look with clothes we can wear again. Think blue boots, swimsuits and earrings for the best cost per wear. Hey, maybe sport the blue wig to go and grab lunch with your girls. We know you can pull it off.

11. Hailey Baldwin

celebrity halloween outfits

One for all those 90’s kids! Hailey Baldwin recreating bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls is everything! We’re sure that this is the best of them all and it’s so easy to create last minute.

12. Chanel Iman

celebrity halloween outfits

Chanel Iman has the right idea with her full zombie look. Simply wear all white and wrap with bandages. You can add detail with spooky contacts and wrapping bandages through your ponytail.

13. Kylie Jenner

celebrity halloween outfits

I think we can all agree that Kylie Jenners 2016 Christina Aguilera costume was iconic! Although, we are not all a fan of rocking chaps. Don’t worry, leather flares are a great alternative with a bikini top. Add big hair, braids and clip-in extensions to win best outfit at your Halloween party.

Ready to get your scare on?