Love Island Daily Wrap Up: The One Where The F Word Got Dropped

There were tears, cucumbers and Love Island got renamed by two very satisfied men

Today, MGHQ have actually found themselves not looking forward to the weekend because Love Island is not airing on a Saturday. Sort your sh*t out, ITV2.

It was the morning after the night before on Love Island, or as Dom and Kem have renamed it, “awesome island”, but we’ll get to that.

Olivia and Chris appeared to have woken up full of regret and went on an apology purge, which saw Olivia and Marcel flip reversing (Blazin’ Squad hit from 2003, get to know) their row from the previous evening and making up. Chris apologised to Chloe and Sam was met with a slightly frostier reception, and it would appear that Chloe has caught a case of the “not bothered” from Sam, as she exclaimed that Olivia is just going to get mugged off by Chris with a grin so evil, Disney villains were left shocked.

Elsewhere, some of the other Islanders were not waking up full of regret, they awoke feeling…erm… satisfied.  Dom and Kem gave each other a knowing look in the kitchen with Dom saying “You know what I’ve done…?” “ME TOO!”, said little Kem, and with that they danced into the bedroom to congratulate one another on their conquests. The last time man was this happy, he was walking on the f*cking moon. Shortly after, Amber was seen explaining how happy she was and that she could only imagine her relationship with Kem “going up”. Up where though, hun? That is the question.

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Camilla proved that ‘girl power’ isn’t just for Spice Girls. It’s also for tiny, humanitarian, explosive ordnance disposal, Scottish birds. GWAN, CAMILLA. Johnny and Camilla disagreed about feminism, which left Camilla in tears. We’re pretty sure that when Camilla cries, a unicorn somewhere in a far off land passes away. Good one Johnny, or as we often refer to him, the world’s most boring human being.

The next morning, Camilla was still reeling about their disagreement. Telling the girls about her woes she mentioned that Johnny didn’t really do much to help out in the villa, never clearing his plate and serving himself first. Basically he needs gentleman training from Marcel…AND JOHNNY HEARD EVERYTHING….OF COUUURSEEEE. So yeah he was fuming, fuming and boring.  And when Camilla realised she cried again, that’s another unicorn down.

It was the Island’s annual sports day which saw the Islanders participating in the oddest egg and spoon race ever and passing a cucumber in between each other’s legs. We know that’s not the first thing that’s passed between legs and we are pretty sure it won’t be the last either (wheyyyyy).


As another day drew on the Island, Marcel ‘put it on’ Gabby and we wished he would put it on us as he is the nicest man in the whole world. In fact, if Theresa hun could pack her bags at number 10, we would like Marcel to be Prime Minister. Tyne Lexi cried, we don’t really know why, maybe because after her uncomfortable grilling of Chris the other night, she’s ran out of questions to ask people, but who knows. 

It was Camilla and Johnny’s turn for a chat. Camilla tried to explain herself but Johnny was still fuming and boring, and claimed that the pair were naive to even think that they could work. Harsh, Camilla hun. You’re better than that, so that’s off and Camilla cried again, so that’s three unicorns down all in all, devastating.

So that was that. We’ll be tuning in this evening to see what new boy Mike has got to say for himself. Who will he set his sights on? Will Newcastle upon Tyne ask him 1289838918219292 questions? We will just have to wait and see.


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