Love Island Daily Wrap-Up: The One Where Mike Proved He May Actually Be Magic Mike

It was the episode where Liv found a lot of things interesting, Theo nearly knocked Camilla out and muggy Mike is plotting sweet, sweet revenge.

Be sure to catch Friday night’s episode of Love Island and grab yourself a shot every time Liv says ‘interesting’, sure hun.

So muggy Mike and simple Sam are back, which means that Liv has once again found herself caught in ‘dicksand’, interesting.

Sam was so delighted in the diary room at being back, back again, exclaiming to the producers that he was happy to, as the well knows saying goes, “Get a second crack of the whip”, nope we’ve never heard that one either.  He was sure to ask the producers if that was in fact how the saying goes, the producers must be so glad Sam is back asking them more questions than a detective interrogating a convicted felon.

Health warning: there is yet another case of the not-bothereds on the Island, as Chris told the camera he was not bothered, not bothered at all in fact he couldn’t be less bothered by muggy Mike’s return, all whilst sweating his tits off in a purple velour top.

Elsewhere, Liv was seen telling Tyla who expressed interest in both new but not new boys, that she could definitely see her with Sam, we’ve got your number Olivia…

Sam wasted absolutely no time in putting in a bit of graft with Tyla and Georgia but he’s not going to put all his eggs in one basket, however, when he does put all his eggs in someone’s basket, it’s going to, “be like Easter”, for them apparently…Sure babe, sure.

Mike has decided that this time round on the Island he’s going to be smart (that might be hard, hun), he’s going to play a game with Liv and he said his revenge is going to be sweet…No hard feelings then Mike, no?! Watch out for that dicksand Liv, we’ve got a feeling you are going to sink.

Gabby the gossip as we now refer to her, was going about her usual daily routine of making sure she knew absolutely everything about everyone and then telling everyone about everything that people had told her, we are exhausted just writing that we are not entirely sure how she is keeping this much gossiping up.  We can safely say we don’t know how we feel about her at the moment…

Elsewhere Liv was seen telling Sam that should it come down to a re-coupling she would definitely pick Mike because on paper he is her type and it’s all about that paper, this all went down whilst Chris was lying in his sick bed, but it was ok because nurse Kem was around to attempt to make his BFF feel better.  Hairdresser, aspiring rap artist, medical professional, there is absolutely no end to that man’s talents.

It would appear that muggy Mike is now smuggy Mike as he told Marcel that if it wasn’t for Dom, he would definitely be with Jess…We are feeling a showdown at the wrap party and WE CAN’T WAIT! No hitting faces or touching hair though, eh lads?! We wouldn’t want a veneer getting chipped or a hair getting out of place HEAVEN FOREFEND!

As night drew on the Island of love, the girls were treated to an evening of entertainment from the lads as they were challenged to perform a strip tease for the girls, things got HOT but then again that might be because it’s around 31 degrees in Majorca at the moment.

As the boys individually showed off their moves, Mike just picked everyone up individually, a dance routine we are not all that familiar with, Jamie set Camilla’s pulse raising as she claimed that his dancing skills suggested that his prowess stretched further than the dance floor…Lady Camilla, you are making us blush but totally see what you mean, we needed a cold shower after watching Jamie.  It was then Theo’s turn to take the stage, which seen him just rubbing his genitals all over the girls faces and then nearly knocking Camilla out when he showed off his, as Camilla put it, “massive, MASSIVE, enthusiasm”, she then gave the camera a knowing wink, someone confiscate her Bacardi breezer immediately, we can’t cope with the sexual innuendos coming out of that little care bears mouth.  Sam was last, and arguably least, as he just hopped about like Pinocchio on acid and then stuck his tongue down Georgia’s throat, GORGEOUS.

At the end of the boys erm, ‘performances’, the girls were all told who had raised each of their heart rates the most and it was all quite light-hearted banter, with most of the girls heart being set a flutter by their fellas, apart from Gabby who’s heart rate was set a flutter not by boyfriend Marcel but by Theo…OH NO SHE DIDN’T, we knew we didn’t like her.

The show ended with poor Marcel getting a case of the not-bothered’s, as Gabby tried to dig herself out a pretty big hole, and he had to remind her once again, just incase she had forgotten, that he was a member of the Blazin’ squad don’t you know.  Fucks sake Gabby.

Get the pizza ordered, tell your friends you’re busy (which is what we have been doing every Friday night since Love Island started) and get ready…..