by | June 15, 2016

Former Australia’s Next Top Model contestant turned artist Jess Bush is one seriously talented babe.  We caught up with her to chat about her work, her inspirations and what she’s got on the agenda for the rest of 2016…

missguided interview jess bush

Tell us about yourself…

I’m really good at balancing on things and can give shoulder rides to fully grown men.

What’s the best art project you have worked on?

I just got back from Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans Festival in New Zealand. It was put on by a Non-profit organisation called Pangeaseed, who harness the communicative power of street art to educate and spread awareness of critical issues that are facing our oceans. I stayed with 30 street artists from all over the globe for a couple of weeks and learnt a tonne about a lot of things. It blew my mind and heart apart in the best way imaginable.

Who’s your favourite artist and why?

Egon Schiele, Dali, Foothead, Alphonse Mucha, David Mamet, Saul Williams, JR, the artists, writers and musicians around me that are making it happen for themselves without compromising their integrity or throwing others under the bus, my brother.

What inspires you?

So many different people and things inspire me constantly for different reasons. Whether it be on a purely visual level, for strength of character that I admire, or words and sounds that affect me. I take my colour palettes from nature. She always gets it right.

Describe your style in five words…

Impulsive, observant, determined to a fault.

interview jess bush

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working towards my second solo exhibition, and also applying for a couple of international residencies.

What’s on the agenda for 2016?

It’s always hard to predict what will happen. I wrote myself a list of goals for the year and they had almost all changed within a couple of weeks. I promised myself I would stay put and not travel this year. But 3 days later booked tickets to New Zealand for Sea Walls. Things tend to pop up and change within a moment’s notice. I will have a solo exhibition this year though, I know that much.

Who is your guilty pleasure, most played?

A podcast called Mysterious Universe.

What’s the last thing you listened to?

My studio mate trying to describe my style in 5 words.

jess bush interview

 What song do you want to be playing as you walk into the club?

I haven’t been clubbing in a couple of years. But if I did walk into a club, I’d like it to be The Distance, by Cake

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

5-10 children all at once

What’s your spirit animal?


Who are you currently stalking on Instagram?

A tattoo artist called Pietro Sedda.

What makes you laugh?

Last week I saw a photo of a guy who woke up from a big night with chewing gum stuck in his armpit hair. It made me laugh on and off for 3 days.

What’s your secret addiction?

Protein bars.

artist jess bush

What would be your superhero power?

Being able to wave my finger and reverse all damage that humanity has done to the planet.

What was the first thing you did this morning?

Listened to my best friend tell me about her scary dream.

Tell us something weird about yourself?

I’ve never had chicken pox.

What item of clothing can’t you live without?


Where do you look for fashion inspiration?

No one in particular, I’ve got a friend who dresses like a lunatic and I like what she does. I guess I would be influenced by osmosis , by everyone around me and all the things I look at, but generally, if I find something and I can’t decide whether it is hideous or amazing, I want it.

What’s your favourite fashion trend this season and why?

I like how bondage stuff has made it into everyday fashion.

If you could steal anyone’s wardrobe who’s would it be?

Frida Kahlo.

jess bush artist

Quick fire…

Leather or denim? Denim.

Tattoos or no tattoos? Tattoos.

Heels or flats? Flats.

Red lips or nude lips? Red lips.

Instagram or Twitter? I don’t know how to Twitter but Instagram is great for communicating as an artist.

Kylie or Kendall? Solitude.

Rock or rap? Rap.

Rihanna or Beyoncé? They both slay it.

 Festivals or clubs? Festivals.

Ibiza or Vegas? I haven’t been to either yet.

Music or food? I’ve heard you can die without food.

Beach or pool? Beach.

Dogs or cats? Why can’t we have both?

Nights out or nights in? Nights in with people from outside.

Gold or silver? Gold.

Maxi or mini? Maxi.

Wanna know more?

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