Following the release of her debut single, ‘What She’s Like’, we caught up with Ukranian-born singer songwriter Boba K to find out what she’s listening to RN, fave gigs and guilty pleasure tracks…

Boba K

Tell us about yourself…

I am Boba K and I was born in Kiev, Ukraine and I now live in London. I’ve just released my debut single, ‘What She’s Like’.

When did you first realise you wanted to make music?

My first experience of music was with my grandfather, he taught me a melody on the piano, which I still remember to this day. In my heart I am a rebel, fighting for the truth all the time. I really fell in love with music at the age of 7. There was a girl who lived next door to us who I used to hear singing through the walls and she inspired me to start singing. But it was being exposed to artists like Tina Turner that really inspired me, when I watched her performances I couldn’t get to sleep for hours after. She had such amazing energy she just made my mind buzz with excitement.

How would you describe your sound?

I would say that my music is dark pop with a hint of dance and sometimes even rock. Rock music was so big in the Ukraine when I was growing up so that has had some influence on my sound as well.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever played?

The biggest gig I played was in Kiev when I got invited to perform on the main square before Eurovision – it was a bit unexpected because Eurovision isn’t really my thing, but Eurovision happening in Kiev this year was a massive thing for my country so I was proud to be a part of it in some way.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be and why?

There are lots of great new artists it would be great to collaborate with, but if I could collaborate with ANYONE it would have to be a legend like Michael Jackson or Elton John. Michael Jackson, because he is an amazing songwriter, singer and dancer. Perhaps he could have taught me to moonwalk!  And Elton John is such an incredible songwriter and performer. It would take me right back to my childhood to sing the theme song from the Lion King with him on piano. A total guilty pleasure.

Who did you listen to growing up?

When I was growing up, I listened to a diverse mix of rock and pop music. I listened to rock with my dad and I discovered pop myself from the 80s and 90s songs played on the radio.

Who’s your biggest musical inspiration?

As I mentioned before, Tina Turner is one of my big influences. As a teenager, one of my biggest influences was Christina Aguilera, but I would also say that today I am inspired by Adele and how she has achieved global success but still remains so real.

What’s your guilty pleasure track?

My guilty pleasure track is “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor – it’s such a female anthem.

What’s the last album you listened to all the way through?

I think it was Kanye West, “Life Of Pablo”. I was at a friend’s house and we listened to it on repeat. There are some incredible sounds on that album.

What’s been your career highlight/proudest moment?

Just having my music being released is a massive highlight in itself, but it’s such early days so I hope my biggest highlights are still to come. But I think, for now, my most amazing musical experience was when I saw Madonna live. Everything from the production through to her performance was so on point and larger than life. To this day I still can’t get it out of my head!

boba k ukraine

Who’s the coolest person you’ve worked with so far?

That would have to be Brian Rawling. It was a great experience working with someone like him and to listen to what he has to say in the studio. He has worked with so many massive acts like Cher and One Direction.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

At the moment I’m listening to ‘Witness’ by Katy Perry. My girlfriends and I also really love ‘Despacito’ by Luis Fonsi on a night out and I’m also really into ‘Unforgettable’ by French Montana.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists trying to break into the industry?

I think it’s always important for new artists to be true to themselves. Life is too short to be scared of doing what you want to do. Be yourself and try to do the best that you can. Work hard and it will payoff.

You can only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what is it?

Right now that album would be ‘This Is Acting’ by Sia. It’s such as inspiring and complete album.

Where can we see you perform next?

At the moment my main focus is writing and recording the music, but I love performing and will be planning new shows before the end of the year.

What’s on the agenda for the rest of 2017?

I’ve just released my debut single ‘What She’s Like’, which is so exciting! I’m going to be in the studio working on lots of new music and will be working towards my debut album, to be released next year.

Wanna find out more? Follow Boba K on Twitter @iambobak and Insta. Listen to ‘What She’s Like’ here

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