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We caught up with Australian singer Krystie Steve to chat favourite gigs, Instagram stalking and fashion trends.  If you haven’t already you need to check this girl out…

interview krystie steve

Tell us about yourself?

Im a lover of music, animals, smiles, the beach and good times! I hate Oysters, Sydney traffic and warm fruit 🙂

What’s the best gig you have played?

To date it would have to be playing alongside our girl Jess Mauboy for the launch of the P&O Ships just recently! Playing on a stage in the middle of the ocean was pretty unreal! It was as good as the Allphones Arena only with ocean breeze on your face!!!

Who’s your favourite artist and why?

Thats such a hard question!! My favourites change with my mood! Right now I would have to say I’m a bit of a Lianne La Havas and The Weeknd fan but Joss Stone will always be a favourite! I find that I connect with different artists for different reasons.  They each give me something special, something that aligns with my own morals and beliefs!

Describe your sound in five words…

How about 2 words! Leather and lace.. Dun Dun Duuuun (theres the last three hehe)

What are you working on at the moment?

Right now I am working on the 2nd EP- I have joined forces with one of Australia’s best producers Phil Anquetil! He is the man and we are working on some really wicked music. Very heartfelt, very honest, very relatable! I can’t help but get a little gritty in my music so everything always has a sugar and spice feel!

What’s on the agenda for 2016?

Lots of creative brain splurging! Im wanting to really take on the industry and work our Aussie bones to the T. We have so much to offer but often so scared of reaching out from the “norm” and take a leap out of the crowd. We need something refreshing and exciting. Im not really ever scared of what to say or wear or write or post- I like to bend the rules a little and hopefully 2016 is going to be all about that!

Who is your guilty pleasure most played?

Stevie Ray Vaughn! Lol! OLD SKOOL! But so so good on a Sunday – or on the road!! Makes me way too happy! Like too happy! “imagine one of those family loved dogs that goes on all the family road trips and wears doggy sunglasses with its head out of the window, got 1st dibs on the front seat and its tongue is almost in the back seat!” Thats me!

What’s the last thing you listened to?

The Hicks (they are super cool)

What song do you want to be playing as you walk into the club?

Return of the Mac!!!!!

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

I would absolutely LOVE to work with Ed Sheeran and Rudimental!!!

k steve

What’s your spirit animal?


Who are you currently stalking on Instagram?

Bonnie Anderson! (She’s HOT and has killer voice!!)

What makes you laugh?

Animal videos! I get in a weird YouTube trance when I start with one of those videos!

What’s your secret addiction?

Banana Pancakes! Homemade with fresh organic bananas, coconut sugar, maple syrup and fresh berries Gahhhhh SO GOOD… like EVERY morning!!!!!

Who’s your celebrity wannabe wife?

So typical of me but I can’t help but froth over Angelina Jolie!

What would be your superhero power?

To banish factory farms worldwide and install a kind heart for everyone! 🙂

What was the first thing you did this morning?

Snuggled my three fur babies up the other end of the bed (I have to go to them), made a coffee and went for a run!

Tell us something weird about yourself?

I don’t ever eat dessert without someone else having just as many calories as me. I will starve myself of dessert if I cant find anyone to share the guilt with 🙂

What item of clothing can’t you live without?

Black skinny jeans or tights

What items do you make sure you pack on tour?

Always my Aesop face and body moisturisers, 1000 pairs of flip flops (I’m such a bull at a gate I always break a pair guaranteed), my Sony camera is like GOLD to me! I love photography so I always make sure I have my 2nd pair of eyes!

Where do you look for fashion inspiration?

So many places and people hold different pieces of me – for example I gain so much inspiration from people like Dita Von Teese, Rita Ora, Ruby Rose, SFB, Alexander McQueen etc

What best describes your style on stage?

Its a little like my music I guess, leather and lace. I like to be bold and daring but still keep my feminine feathers.

What’s your favourite fashion trend this season and why?

I am loving the waist bags, and pop colours! Some of the BEST fashion is kept simple yet striking and I always love a piece that has something to say!

If you could steal anyone’s wardrobe who’s would it be?

RITA ORA! ! ! Glam to punk to rock to chic! Love Love Love her stuff!!

krystie steve interview

Leather or denim? Leather but lets go faux leather 🙂

Tattoos or no tattoos? OMG Tattoos Yes!!!!

Heels or flats? Heels!

Red lips or nude lips? Red

Instagram or Twitter? Insta!!!

Kylie or Kendall? Kendall!

Rock or rap? Rock

Rihanna or Beyoncé? Yonce!!

Festivals or clubs? Club 🙂

Ibiza or Vegas? Well thats a question!! Um… Oh i really can’t decide! EH lets go… IBIZA!! (and then Vegas)

Music or food? Music is food  🙂

Beach or pool? Beach

Dogs or cats? Both! I have 3 cats and I love them all the same!

Nights out or nights in? Out of a 7 day week i would recommend 4 nights out to 3 nights in 🙂

Gold or silver? Gold!!

Maxi or mini? Mini hehe!

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