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07 Aug, 2016

In honour of National Friendship Day we’re celebrating our fave celebs and their BFF’s. Some are serial best friend-ers, some mates for life and some (ahem, Taylor) just have full-on girl squads. So c’mon, support your local girl gang with us.

margot robbie cara delevingne

Cara and Margot

Who knew they were BFFs? After starring alongside each other in Suicide Squad, their friendship is pretty new but already strong enough to wear matching bombers with ‘Squad’ squad written on the back #goals

bomber joggers rings trainers

cara and kendall

Cara and Kendall

Cara’s back with another BFF and this time it’s a Kardashian-Jenner. Kendall and Cara have even given themselves the nickname ‘CaKe’, though we’ve overheard some rumours that a rift has started to form between the two after arguments about a clothing line they were gonna launch. Please stay together CaKe <3

embellished dress  black heels jumpsuit heeled sandals

talors girl gang

Taylor’s girl squad

Taylor’s formed a pretty tight squad formed of the hottest (and most famous) girls around right now; Gigi Hadid, Lily Aldridge, Cara Delevingne, Selena Gomez, Lorde, Martha Hunt and Karlie Kloss, and if you’re not part of the squad, you’ve probably not yet made it.

jumpsuit maxi dress sequin skirt wrap dress

kendall jenner and gigi hadid

Kendall and Gigi

The girls not only have the same job in common modelling around the world, they’re also practically related through their parent’s divorces and remarriages so it’s pretty easy to see why they get on so well.

black bomber jumpsuit khaki bomber leggings

kim k and chrissy teigan

Kim K and Chrissy

Apparently Kim and Chrissy met at a wedding whilst both having lovers’ tiffs with Kanye and John. They both have their kids in common and have gone through the experience together. Cute.

bodysuit choker leather skirt midi dress

kylie jenner pia mia

Kylie and Pia

Pia’s said the pair become firm friends after Kylie asked her to sing her to sleep at a party one time. The two have been BFFs ever since with Pia even teaming up with Kylie’s BF  Tyga on her track ‘Do it Again’.

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