A legit guide to dressing for your tinder date

They’ve swiped right, you’ve swiped right and so your modern day fairy tale is about to start Tinder-ella and with these looks you shall go the ball, or the bar, or possibly even the bowling alley or wherever it is you’ve agreed to meet.

The surprise date

polka dot dress and leather jacket

So Tinder’s answer to Romeo has decided to take you on a ‘surprise’ tinder date. In theory super cute, in reality, actual real life, wardrobe nightmare. It’s difficult enough trying to decide what to wear when you do know where you’re going but when you don’t, wardrobe meltdown. But never fear, your Missguided fairy god mother is here! You can’t go wrong with a polka dot dress at the moment, team with a leather jacket and ankle boots for a look that will cover all bases. Unless he’s taking you on a hike, then sadly you are on your own babe, cool enough for casual drinks, smart enough for fancy AF cocktail bars. And if it doesn’t work out then at least you’ve invested in something your wardrobe will love… every cloud.

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The first date

casual street style jeans and tshirt

Nothing can give a person palps quite like a first date, will you like them? Will they like you? Will you get there and find out that they don’t like puppies and immediately have to leave because you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life? Well as that old saying goes ‘you won’t know if you’re feeling your tinder date ’til you talk to them in real life and not on WhatsApp.’ Keep things casual and opt for nonchalant vibes in denim and a graphic tee, perfect first date outfit vibes. An outfit that if things go well, is cool enough to stay out all night in and practical enough that if things aren’t going so well you can make a run for it.

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The ‘netflix and chill’ date, but actually though

tracksuit jumper outfit

Ok, ‘Netflix and chill’ might have taken on a whole new meaning, but if you and your new tinder beau are genuinely having a night in and actually plan on watching a film from start to finish then comfort is key for this date night outfit. Opt for popper style track pants, to keep things comfy but sexy, team with an oversized tee because if takeaway is involved you’ll be grateful and a padded leather jacket. And yano if ‘Netflix and chill’ turns into ‘Netflix and chill’ then all of the above are easy to get off.

Have fun babes…


The ‘out out’ date

If you’re off ‘out out’ to meet your tinder date then it’s time to do it like Beyonce and get that freakum dress out. You can’t go wrong with a LBD. Give this classic number a 2017 update and go for a bandage studded style, or mix up your neckline with a halter neck or a one shoulder style. A wrap dress looks flattering on all figures and if barely there’s aren’t your thing, then peep toe boots will gain you ultimate cool girl points with this look and your feet won’t feel like they are on fire, bonus. And if after a few tequila shots your still not feeling your date, then you can blend into the crowd and make your great escape, winning.

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The sophisticated date

street style suit with trainers

If you’re off on a date that’s going to be more wine and cheese boards than bottomless shots and dancing badly to Beyoncé, that’s cool. If you and your latest crush are off to a gallery opening, exhibition or something that requires speaking in an inside voice instead of screaming your drink order at a bearded barman then opt for tailoring, because suits aren’t just for men. Show them who wears the trousers in classic tailoring with a twist, opt for Prince of Wales checks, flares and graphic tees, inject a bit of fun into your look with a pop colour boot and you are quite literally suited and booted and ready for your date.

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The famous ‘fifth’ date

bella hadid leather pants

It’s date number five, and things between you and your new tinder friend are heating up. You’ve flirted, brushed knees, had a cheeky club snog and dutty winded your way to date number five and now you are DTF. Babe we don’t blame you, girls gotta eat and all the suggestive whatsapp messaging has become all a bit too much. Go for under wear as outerwear and one of this seasons hottest fabrics, vinyl, to let them know that this is a code bed alert, the perfect look to take you from the dance floor to the bedroom floor… have fun babes!

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Happy dating!