Friday 25th December (Christmas Day)

Well, I’ve finally sat down for the first time in 2 weeks. If I’m not losing sleep thanks to University deadlines, I’m running around as a shop assistant, battling my way through the high street or losing hair over cooking Christmas lunch. Yes, I did Christmas lunch this year. (No, I didn’t actually lose any hair, otherwise the meal would have been slightly more interesting…)

Thanks to Jamie Oliver, I’m now a bonafide home cook.

My family enjoyed parsnips roasted with honey and golden roast potatoes, beautifully crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside.

I can’t believe I pulled it off but it all worked, timed to perfection. Even the brussel sprouts were bearable!


Relaxing on the sofa, with my feet up next to the fire I’ve taken a minute or two to have a look at what’s on offer on

Being a diehard fan of gawping at the catwalk collections of top designers, it’s a relief to find somewhere to have a browse without feeling guilty for lusting after things I can’t afford! Everything is student loan friendly and that’s really important right now.

I’m feeling all snuggly at the moment and, to be honest, I’m not hellbent on leaving the comfort of my house to browse round shops so I’ve substituted the actual use of my legs with clicking away on the Internet. That’s when I instantly fell in love.

Everyone needs a warm, snuggly jumper and I challenge you to find a cuter one.



Saturday 26th November (Boxing Day)

Anyone who goes shopping during the Boxing Day sales is absolutely mental!

I’ve just got home from work and let me tell you, those shoppers have no mercy! Pushing and shoving and fighting and… camping outside at 4am?

Why bother when the sales are at your fingertips? Literally, that dream purchase is nothing more than a click away.


Listen crazy people, it’s cold outside. It’s snowing, it’s icy and I can’t leave my house without slipping over (thankfully my ample Christmas behind is there to cushion my falls), so unless you’ve got ice picks and spiked shoes in the car turn around, go home and do your shopping on Missguided!


What more do you want? There’s next day delivery, hundreds of party dresses for New Year, celebrity inspired pieces, shoes, bags… even false eyelashes! You literally don’t have to leave your house.

I’m currently planning my New Year celebrations and am overjoyed that I get to spend it with my best friends and my boy.

I just have to pick something special to wear…


Tuesday 28th December

My New Years Eve celebrations are booked and ready to go. I’ve been looking around for style inspiration and am finding the current trend for a spot of leopard print quite a solid choice. Missguided have loads of animal print goodies inspired by catwalk looks that would be perfect for seeing the new year in with a bang.

In fact so many that I can’t choose.

I love the heel on these leopard print shoes it looks so fierce and I could definitely imagine Beyoncé rolling in to a NYE party wearing them.



This skirt is so cute with its little peplum detail at the hips. Far from creating extra volume, peplums actually slim down hips and are a little bit different from your regular body-con or A-line skirt. The high waist is really flattering too and it would look amazing with a black bodysuit and some killer heels.



I know leopard can be a bit bold for some people, so this clutch bag would be amazing for anyone wh o wants to give the leopard print trend a go without going the whole hog. It’s dripping with sequins too which hits two major trends for this season. As well as helping you say goodbye to 2009 with a bang!


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