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interview with Rio

We grabbed 5 minutes with Rio, our Jeanology design talent.

What’s the typical design process for a pair of Missguided jeans?

The first thing I do is look at the fits and what core denim pieces we need to cover all the different types of body shape. Then I’ll decide which fabric suits each fit. For example I like to use a fabric to hold the shape in and give support for a skinny jean. In comparison, for the looser, more vintage styles, I want to get a true denim with no stretch to achieve the true vintage feel.

What’s the thought process behind the denim branding?

We wanted the branding to be understated and simple, without taking anything away from the look of the jeans. We gave each jean a memorable name and a colour linking to the specific style, which should make it a lot easier for our customers to determine which jean is for them.

Describe your denim style…

My own denim style is a simple skinny leg, high waisted and ankle grazing.

Where did you take your inspiration from when designing and naming the jeans?

I wanted the name to relate to the style of the denim with a cool style icon, and I wanted there to be a history behind the designs.

Which Missguided pair of jeans would you pick for yourself?

Edie is definitely the one for me.

How do you decide which jeans come in which washes and colours?

We look to which denim each customer would wear, what would be their staple piece and which would be the strongest seller.

Who’s your ultimate denim icon?

Kate Moss – unreal.

How important is it to consider body shapes when designing the different styles?

I think it’s very important. We want each customer to feel confident in what they’re wearing.

What does the future hold for the Missguided denim collection?

This is only the beginning. We really want to push the denim range, and for the customers to relate great denim with Missguided.

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  • Vivian

    Skinny leg, high waisted and ankle grazing is what I swear by~



    April 8th, 2014 20:01

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