A city well known for its downpours and gloom, Manchester was brought to life by the crushing Californian cool of Haim for their sold out Academy gig. Over twenty minute late, the three sisters frolicked on stage with a flick of their long bohemian locks to an ecstatic audience.

Opening with single ‘Falling’ the crowd immediately exploded into a rolling ball of energy, singing the lyrics back louder than the three sisters were able to play. Rougher and less polished live, the Haim girls have spent the last year touring their debut album around the world. The experience has pushed them from strength to strength live. A rockier and more engaging affair than on record, Haim had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hands.

It isn’t often that bands of the moment live up to the hype engulfing them, however with their musical upbringing Haim are proving themselves with every sold out gig. A band known as much for their killer style as their infectious music, it would be easy to think these girls were a case of style over substance. A short but sweet set shattered any illusion of this, featuring favourites ‘Don’t Save Me’, ‘Forever’ and ‘The Wire’ as well as their BBC Live Lounge cover of Beyonce’s ‘XO’.

Closing their set with a highly amped version of ‘Don’t Let Me Go’, the girls sent shivers all the way to the back of the crowd. Downing their guitars for an animalistic drumming outro, the Haim sisters showed off their musical prowess and a hunger for their profession.


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