The current trend of striped denims and leggings look amazing on their own – but what do you wear with them ? Many of you asked our stylist during our Facebook Style Hour and so here it is – the definitive guide to wearing striped trousers :

Stripes can be daunting due them having the bad reputation of making your body look disproportionate. It is time to get the truth out there – stripes can actually make you look taller and your legs longer – we are sold ! However, the style and size of the stripe are key to achieving this:

Vertical Stripes are the best stripe to wear on your lower half for most of us – the eye follows the line of the stripes – so having the line go up and down the leg will elongate them – see our Pennem Jeans.

Horizontal stripes are best for those with an athletic body shape or very long slim pins – this print can make you appear shorter if you are already petite so is best worn by taller girls. Our Phillis leggings are perfect.

Thin stripes ( whether Horizontal or Vertical ) are the most flattering for the majority of body types; these can range from a pinstripe to a medium stripe ( think the width of a ruler ). Great for fuller figures, pear shapes and petite girls – the stripes will add height and flatter the legs- see our Darine Leggings.

Thick stripes can enlarge the part of body worn on, therefore I find it best if you go for an extra large stripe that will look closer to paneling which can be very flattering as it gives the illusion of a slimmer leg as eyes are draw to the block of colour – see our Narissa Leggings .

What to wear with Striped Trousers:

1. Block bright colours such as hot pink, red, orange, blue and green give a nod towards the colour-blocking trend and will really create a high-fashion look. Even just pulling on an oversized vest in a neon shade and a pair of bright wedges will pull the whole look together with minimum effort.

2.  An all black ensemble will really make a feature of the stripes and give a sophisticated look. Go for a simple black t-shirt, blazer and ankle boots – you will be surprised at how chic it looks.

3. Clash with alternative prints – think florals, polka dots or tribal. For a real catwalk copy look- choose a top in a similar shade to your trouser. i.e if you are wearing monochrome striped leggings – go for a monochrome polka dot blouse. Feeling adventurous ? Mix your blue striped jeans with a red and yellow floral top . The only thing to remember is to clash with colour on the same colour palette – Bright jeans? Choose a bright top. Pastel leggings ? Go for a pastel knit.

Take inspiration from wherever you can find it – the street, magazines, celebrities and the catwalks:


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