The North West’s very own mini Glastonbury, Kendal Calling took place in the stunning setting of the Lake District last weekend and the Missguided team headed to the hills for three days to dance in mud, drink the local brew and try and look as fashionably fantastic as possible doing so. Easy.

So what is the key to looking super hot at a festival? Well for a start get all the fashion rules and guidelines you read about and throw them firmly out of the window and leave them at home. Festivals are a place where you can feel total liberation and not have to worry about conforming to style rules. Yes take some practicalities into consideration with festival fashion (wellies, water proofs and wear sunscreen ect) but especially at a smaller festival like Kendal where the crowd is as varied as its line up, anything goes. Whether you choose to go bonkers to Dizzie Rascal, be a dirty rock and roller with Twisted Wheel or just have a sit down with James here at MG we would encourage you to get creative with your style, try something new and wear what the hell you want!

Some of the best festival outfits are the ones that are just totally unexpected, thrown together and worn confidently with a smile on the face and a beer in the air. 😉

Here are some of our favourites from Kendal Calling 2012


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