Our amazing Guest Blogger Fritha was invited to attend London Fashion Week , we asked her to give us the low down of her time there through the eyes of a blogger:

“As I’m sure you’re all aware, these last few days have been London Fashion Week, and I’m writing today to give you an insight into what it’s all about. I was there on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I’ve taken some pictures to share with you.

London Fashion Week is based at Somerset House. The buildings and courtyard are a really pretty setting, especially when the sun is shining and there is such a lively atmosphere. As you can see from the picture it gets pretty busy too. A huge temporary building in the centre of the courtyard is where lots of the shows go on, and even if you don’t have tickets, they are streamed live on the huge screens on the outside so everyone can watch.

I went to two shows this season, Issa (pictured above) and Pam Hogg. The catwalks are absolutely packed with people. As well as seats, they let people stand to watch too, which I was doing at Issa. Even though I didn’t have the best view through everyone’s heads, it was an amazing experience to get to see a catwalk show live. It was also fun to celeb-spot, you can see Gemma Arterton (in the lace dress) sitting next to Tinie Tempah in the front row in the picture above.

As well as the catwalk shows, LFW is also home to a big exhibition at Somerset House, where younger and less-established designers, as well as accessories designers, can display their collections. I really enjoyed looking around the exhibition as I got to look closely at the designs, and discovered loads of new names I hadn’t heard of before. The picture above is of Simone Rocha’s (daughter of John Rocha) beautiful debut LFW collection.

Of course a large part of Fashion Week is to see and be seen. Street style photographers are everywhere and it’s not unusual to get your outfit photographed several times a day. It was such a bizarre experience for me the first time someone asked to take my picture but you get used to it. It’s still really flattering though!

Finally, here’s what I wore on the days I was at LFW. I’m wearing Missguided on days 1 and 3 – the Frencis baroque print dress and the Savanah snake print skinnies.

All in all I really enjoyed my LFW experience – it was really exciting but also totally exhausting. I’m recovering with cups of tea and episodes of Gossip Girl now! I’m pretty glad I’m not a jet-setting fashion editor who has to do all four fashion weeks in a row!

Are you following the LFW coverage? Have you watched any live-streams of the shows? Who’s your favourite designer?

Peace, Love and Fashion,

Fritha xxx “

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