We spotted THIS very creative Nail Art using our MissCellaneous Nail Splash on our new favourite Nail Blog – www.nailstoriesuk.blogspot.com . When the two new Nail Splash colours – MissTaken Orange and MissTique Teal hit our desks, we sent them out to the talented blogger and see what she could do with them.

We couldn’t believe our eyes when these images hit our inboxes! Bright Leopard Spots and a Missguided Peace and Love inspired art – perfect for festival season.

Now you can copy this Leopard Print artwork in a few easy steps with this simple tutorial from NailStoriesUk :

1.”Once you have applied a base coat, start off by painting your nails with the base colour of your choice. In this picture I used Missguided Misstaken “:

2.”The easiest and my preferred way to add leopard spots is to randomly dot small “blobs” of polish on the nail. These can be whatever size you like depending on what look you are trying to achieve. You can either use a contrasting colour to your base colour or complementing colours also make for a good look. I used Missguided Misstique for the spots”:

3. “The next and last step is to outline the random “blobs” of polish to make it look like a more convincing leopard…Lol! DO NOT outline all the way around the leopard spot. You must leave gaps in the outline to make it look more naturally put together (if there was ever an orange and blue leopard!!). Apply top coat to smooth the surface of the spots and make your design last”:

4. “To do this, you will need either a nail art pen/ a nail art polish with a thin brush or if you haven’t got either of these, you can use a very thin brush and dip it in the polish you will be using for outlining. The brush I used is actually a make-up brush, so if you haven’t got specific nail art brushes don’t worry as you can still achieve this look 🙂 “

Try using our MissCellaneous Nude with MissChievous Coral for a subtle feminine take on the artwork.  Post your nail art using Missguided Nail Splashes to our Facebook Page !

Visit NailStoriesUk HERE

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