Baroque, Neon, Tribal, Leopard, Short Shorts & chain prints – that’s what’s new !

The weather is finally starting to warm up, we actually saw the sun shining outside MGHQ yesterday, and a fan was turned on in the office at the beginning of the week – yes – we never thought we’d see the day !

This means that we can finally start realistically looking at our Spring/Summer wardrobes without worrying about having to cover up all those fantastic prints, and scalloped hems with a massive quilted cocoon coat.

As we are lapping up the turn of weather in the office, conversation has turned to which trends we will be mostly wearing this season (embracing colour seems to be getting the thumbs up) :

Sara ( Stylist ) – I love Acid wash, Tie Dye, Dip Dye – anything with graduated colouring. I might have to try a few DIY’s with old denims and t-shirts.

Rachel ( Merchandiser ) – I am most excited by the pastel palette’s, especially the uplifting shade of mint.

Natalie ( Marketing Executive ) – I can’t wait to be a bit more adventurous with print, experimenting with different patterns and textures to give a more youthful and bolder appearance to my look.

Becky ( Buyer ) – I will be wearing Short & Jacket two piece’s in bright colours.

Nicki ( Marketing Assistant ) – I’m looking forward to wearing lots of bright colours and bold prints on holiday this summer.

Charlotte ( Press Officer )  – I’m loving bright tropical prints and plenty of gold.

Anjeli ( Marketing Manager ) – I will be head to toe in block brights

Helen ( Online Assistant ) – I’ll be adding some bold bright colour splashes to my usually dark wardrobe.

 And what are the girls at MGHQ’s top picks from this week’s new in ? Well how could we resist these:

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