As many of you may know, every Friday at 1pm our Missguided stylist logs into our Facebook page to answer all of your style, fashion & trend related queries for one hour.

One of the most frequently asked questions is…

” How can I dress up an old LBD and make it look totally different ? “

So we put the question to our Stylist, Sara :

” The one item every girl has in the back of her wardrobe is a classic little black dress, whether this be bodycon, leather, shift or bandeau. It is our staple dress,after spending hours creating a ‘floordrobe’ out of our clothes, casting each piece aside deeming it ‘unsuitable’ – we always finish up reaching for the LBD. It looks good, fits well, is flattering and goes with every pair of shoes & clutch bag we own. However, after one too many wears the once fresh looking dress starts to feel more like a comfort blanket, and we start to feel a little more like a Plain Jane wearing it. So what do we do ? Throw it away ? Reach for the scissors ? Get brownie points & clean Dad’s car with it ? NO !

The power of accessories is often misunderstood. I get so many people telling me that they simply cannot accessorise. That they do not know where to start . I say just start simple. Have fun. Don’t try to make everything match. Gone are the days when good accessorising meant co-ordinating your bag to your shoes,earrings, eyeshadow and belt. We have come a long way since the 90’s school-disco trends !

As an example, I took our Viviene Leather Contrast Dress and gave it a little style upgrade with3 simple accessories:

First thing is first. Winter is creeping in which means corned beef patterned legs are out and tights are definitely in. Henry Holland doesn’t go a catwalk show without then , plus D&G flooded their AW runway shows with stars. Combine the two and you get some hot hosiery that make a real statement with our Sallie tights!

Next up is a bag. I love these clutch styles as they come with a delicate chain which can be worn over the shoulder, and then tucked inside for two uses in one. This Otta clutch has a subtle snakeskin print which was given the seal of approval by Chloe this season. The Red is a bold contrast to the black ( and if your black is looking more like a charcoal after one too many washes, the red will give more depth to the colour of your dress ) .

Finally heels. Wedges are one of the easiest heels to walk in – so these Linsi wedges were perfect . I took the ankle strap off them as I didn’t want the ankle to look too fussy with the star tights already taking centre stage. The studded and embellished bows on the front of the wedges upgrade the entire look to ‘fierce’ !

How do you style your LBD ?

  • Julie

    why wont it let me order my dress? ive put in my address several times, but it keeps coming up with has to be above one character or to words of that affect. help?! would be much appreciated(:

    November 15th, 2011 22:10

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