#womancrushwednesday: Maya

by | May 2, 2018

Our #womancrushwednesday this week is model Maya Spencer-Berkeley (@mbajsb). Maya suffers from the rare condition Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) which affects 5,000 people in the UK and 500,000 people worldwide. There are three main types; Simplex, Dystrophic and Junctional. Maya suffers from Recessive Dystrophic EB, despite this, her positive attitude and outlook on life inspire her to raise awareness of the condition through modelling.

She is a true figure of inspiration and empowerment, we hope to help her to spread her message of body positivity and confidence. Check out some of our favourite posts from her below!

featuring in @id_italy and @vogueitalia


This photo by photographer @sophiemayanne featured in @id_italy  and also @vogueitalia! Sophie has captured Maya’s beauty in a series of portraits that we can’t get enough of. Check them out here.


bricks magazine


Maya wrote a really important and educational piece for Bricks Magazine, highlighting and raising awareness of her condition. The amazing photos were taken by Rosie Foster (@rcafoster). Check out the article here.


she’s an actual work of art!


One of her photos taken by the amazing Rosie Foster (@rcafoster) is up for sale at Doomed Gallery in Dalston! If you live in London and have some time, make sure you check it out!

selfie QUEEN


When Maya isn’t modelling, you can find her selfies on her Instagram account. We think she looks beautiful in every photo! Maya’s confidence inspires us to be more body positive, we love everything she’s doing to work hard and raise awareness of her condition.


#behindthescars project

Maya was photographed by photographer Sophie Mayanne (@sophiemayanne)for her series ‘Behind the Scars’. This is an amazing project that promotes body positivity through beautiful photography. Check out the project here.

If you want to read some more information about Maya’s condition, check out the UK charity Debra.

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