The January Glossary

Christmas and new year are a distant memory. We’re just over a week in but it already feels like it’s been January for about 167 days. If you’re fed up of the cold weather, craving a glass of wine (hello dry January), and have already broken your new year’s resolutions then we’re with you hun, us too. Sounds like you need cheering up, and we might be biased, but we think new clothes are just what you need to get you through the longest month in the history of months. Here are the fashion trends sticking around for 2019…


missguided 2019 fashion trends neon


So we’re driving to work in the dark, and coming home from work in the dark… Pretty sure somebody could have actually stolen the sun and we’d be none the wiser. If you’re fed up with feeling like you live in a black and white movie, then inject some colour into your outfit. Neon is set to be big news in 2019 and is a sure-fire way to brighten up your day. Go subtle with neon detailing and accessories, or go all out in a neon co-ord set or eye-catching jumper.

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Animal Print

missguided animal print fashion trends 2019


We know we sound like a broken record, but animal prints are still a vibe in 2019 and you need to be updating your look with this fierce style. While there will always be a place in our hearts for leopard print (we’ll never leave you, bae) the new year means branching out into new patterns. Zebra, tiger and snake prints mean our wardrobes will be looking wilder than a David Attenborough documentary, and we love it. Toughen up a dress with leather for a rock-chick look that’s blogger-approved.

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missguided 2019 fashion trends stripes


You be the star, and we’ll provide the stripes. This classic pattern is having a moment in 2019, and it’s set to be everywhere. Stripes are an instant way to smarten up your day wear, so nail the trend with striped dresses, trousers, tops and coats. A striped shirt dress is seriously versatile and can take you from office to bar seamlessly. There’s a myth that stripes shouldn’t be worn if you’re short or curvy, but we’re here to tell you to wear your stripes with pride because this is super flattering on everyone.

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Faux leather

missguided 2019 fashion trends


There’s something about wearing leather that makes us feel invincible. You could be in the prettiest, laciest sundress, but adding a faux leather jacket gives an instant “don’t f*ck with me” vibe. For these cold, cold months, faux leather is a great outerwear option for pretty much every occasion. Layer your aviator jacket over an oversized knit, with mom jeans and boots. We’re not just in love with leather jackets either. Leather skirts are perfect for adding a rock-chick edge to your night out look.

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missguided 2019 fashion trends tailoring


Maybe your new year’s resolution is actually about fattening up your bank account. A girl’s gotta eat, right? And online shop, obvs. You need to be giving off your best girl-boss vibes if you’re going to land your dream job or get that promotion at work. Even if your usual workwear style is laidback and casual, up your game with some tailoring for 2019. A simple tailored blazer can instantly transform your loo. Or go all out in a power suit, cause why not? You’ve got this, babe.

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