How to Wear Mom Jeans

If you’ve spent any time on Instagram at all in the last few years, then you will have spotted an old 90s favourite making a comeback… Mom jeans. Everybody from Kendall Jenner to Meghan Markle has been spotted looking fly in this dreamy denim style. At first glance, you might think this look is super unflattering on anybody who isn’t a supermodel/princess, but no. We’re here to tell you that there’s a mom jeans outfit for everyone. You also might think that mom jeans are only appropriate for casual affairs, but we’ve got you, babe. Here’s how to wear mom jeans for every occasion, courtesy of some of our beaut #babesofmissguided:

1. With a bodysuit

how to wear mom jeans

Now we all know one of the most irritating situations to ever happen is when your top just won’t stay tucked into your jeans. Ok, so we might be exaggerating slightly, but it is annoying AF. But don’t worry, a bodysuit will answer all your prayers. You can afford to go for strappy, skintight, or plunging bodysuits, because of the contrast with the looser fitting mom jeans. You could even go backless if you’re feeling ready to dare to bare. Perfect if you’ve got a day to night thing in your diary, this will show off your curves to perfection.

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2. With a crop top

how to wear mom jeans

If you’ve been working hard in the gym all year, and want to show off that itty bitty waist, then there’s no better way than teaming a crop top with mom jeans. Actually, even if you haven’t set foot in a gym in 2018, the high waisted style of mom jeans is super flattering on all shapes so anybody can rock this look. Go casual with a t-shirt style crop – Embroidered mom jeans look amazing if you’re going for an otherwise pared-down look. Or, if you’re looking for going out outfit ideas with jeans, then choose a sequinned crop top and throw on some heels. Crop it like it’s hot, babe.

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3. With a sweatshirt

how to wear mom jeans

It’s official. Winter is here, and it’s f*cking FREEZING outside. Throwing on a pastel coloured sweatshirt over your mom jeans is the perfect outfit for lazy Sundays, hungover 9am lectures, or just popping to the shops now the mercury has dropped. The bigger the better with your sweatshirt. Don’t forget, oversized is IN in 2018. Finish off the look with trainers or high tops, for the perfect cosy casual mom jeans outfit.

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4. With a shirt

how to wear mom jeans


Asking yourself how to wear mom jeans for work? Maybe your office has dress-down Fridays, or maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who can wear jeans in the office 9-5 Monday to Friday. Either way, add a pair of mom jeans to your workwear wardrobe, for a cool-girl approach to what to wear to work. Smarten up the look by wearing your jeans with a crisp, white shirt – Either cropped, with a statement belt, or full length and tucked in. If you prefer to stand out from the crowd, go for a brightly coloured or patterned shirt – Satin styles are everywhere this year and look AMAZE with denim.

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5. With your underwear (yes, really)…

how to wear mom jeans


What’s the point in having all this fire underwear if barely anybody gets to see it? Well, rejoice, because underwear as outerwear is in and looks great with the humble mom jean. The contrast between a revealing, lacy bralet and mom jeans keeps the look on the right side of classy. Bare your midriff if you choose, or wear yours with a structured corset for a look that’s definitely a Kardashian favourite. Throw on some heels and you’re BNO ready. You can even make this style slightly more daytime appropriate by throwing on a bomber jacket for chilled out vibes.

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6. With sportswear

how to wear mom jeans

Want to know how to wear mom jeans and sportswear together? Nail two trends in one outfit, for a casual but cute style. If you want to go full “I’ve just left the gym”, then wear a sports bra, mom jeans and trainers – The perfect brunch with the girls look. Or, for a more fashion approach, go for a sports jersey top, but wear with heeled boots and fancy jewellery, to take the look up a notch. Contrasting, bright colours are a surefire way to really stand out from the crowd and make your outfit an absolute winner. Keep makeup and hair simple, to let your mom jeans outfit do the talking. 

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7. With double denim

how to wear mom jeans

Why embrace a decade half-heartedly? Go full 90s, and rock double denim with your mom jeans, like you’re Britney and Justin combined. Stop the look from being less fashion more Jeremy Clarkson by carefully considering the rest of your outfit. Go for a teeny tiny crop top under your jacket to flash some skin. Your accessories are probably the most important part of nailing this outfit. Layer pretty, dainty necklaces to up the feminity, and wear with barely-there heels – A fresh fashion look that’s perfect for day or night.

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8. With coloured denim

how to wear mom jeans

If you’re not quite brave enough to pull off traditional double denim, but still want to know how to style mom jeans with denim, then why not cheat a little with a more subtle nod to the trend. Coloured denim is on the backs of all the bloggers this year, and looks amazing with mom jeans. You can keep the rest of your outfit in muted colours if you’d prefer, or shine bright like a rainbow and colour block away to your heart’s content. You could also go for patterned denim styles, which are even more eye-catching for true IDGAF vibes. Psst… This look is perfect for brightening up these dreary, winter days.

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9. With Leather

how to wear mom jeans

Not your typical girly girl but still want to know how to wear mom jeans? That’s fine babe, we’ve got you. Toughen up your look with leather. A cropped leather jacket is a surefire way to give any outfit a cool-girl edge. Go for monochrome casual, with an all black and white affair. Try breaking the look up a bit with a striped or patterned top. Finish it off with trainers for a dressed down vibe perfect for daytime chilling. Or nail your night out look by throwing on a bralet and some strappy barely-there heels along with your mom jeans and leather jacket – And you’re ready to dance the night away.

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10. With Feminine Flair



Want to know how to wear mom jeans and still look super girly? Don’t worry, there’s an outfit for that too – It just requires you to pick your top carefully. Go for feminine silhouettes – So look for ruffles, peplums, and texture. The pattern and colour are very important too. Anything floral is obvious and will look majorly cute with mom jeans, although other patterns like stars work well too. Pick colours that complement the denim. If your jeans are dark, then go for bright colours or white. If you’ve gone for light denim, then pastels will work beautifully.

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