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#girlpower: female artists you need to know

This International Women’s Day we’ve made a pledge to always collaborate with talented and inspiring women. As part of this pledge, we’ve scoured the internet to find some of the most talented female artists from around the world, whose work and illustrations give us major inspo.

For International Women’s Day these artists and illustrators’ work celebrates #girlpower. Check out the following accounts to give your Instagram feed a creative refresh of female talent and to inspire you on a daily basis.



We’re in love with Sophie’s work, she nails our style perfectly and sets the most positive and empowering message. Follow her for body confidence artwork as well as fresh creative talent.




Alexis’ work promotes black culture and supports black art, her illustration style is different to what we’ve seen before and her probably one of the coolest. Check out her work for modern-day celebrations of black beauty and amazing talent.



Olivia is a local talent, attending university in Manchester her illustrating ability has been noticed by the likes of boss babe Nadia Lee Cohen. Her attention to detail and overall style is everything we love.



We love Rachel’s simple print style and feminist message, showing women with realistic body shapes, sizes and colours!



We can’t get enough of @venuslibido’s work, her sense of humour is absolutely hilarious if you find yourself needing something to brighten up your day. Not only are they totally funny but relatable AF.



Laura’s work has been on our radar for a while now, doing commissions for well-known brands and publications. Her illustrations are works of art with a story to tell, the more you look the more there is to see. Where can we get a print?!




We love Isabella’s sophisticated style with a feminist message – you can find her work in the form of prints, zines and on fabric. Follow her Instagram account for a beautiful aesthetic, there’s something seriously calming about her style.



@missgloriadesign is an artist you need to get to know, her cool and motivational artwork are so relevant and inspiring. We hope to see more of what she has to offer this year!




Libby’s work not only looks good but her super inspiring captions motivate us to press for progress and help raise each other up. Her work would look amazing framed as daily motivation!



@funeralbeat’s art represents a wide range of women, her comic style is clean and beautiful. Check out her account more for inspo.



We LOVE @dbanana_art’s work, her simple illustrations give us all the feels. Follow her account for a cute, creative refresh into your daily feed.

Check out our International Women’s Day campaign here.