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What not to wear to a wedding

Yeah, most rules are made to be broken. However, when it comes to wedding guest outfits, there is an absolute minefield of etiquette that it’s probably best sticking to. Kind of. Want to know how to style out the biggest wedding fashion taboos without offending the bride (or ruining their wedding photos). Here’s what not to wear to a wedding (and how to wear it anyway):


Missguided white dress inspo

Ok, so this is the most obvious rule. It’s also the one that if you break is most likely to get you side-eyed all day (and possibly asked to leave by the maid of honour). As a wedding guest, it’s definitely best to avoid any all-white dresses, no matter how amazing they make your tan look – You don’t want to be mistaken for the bride after all. However, with so many gorgeous florals available this season, you don’t have to avoid white completely.

missgudied what not to wear to a wedding


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Missguided jeans not ok collage

Look, we love our fave pair of skinnies as much as the next girl. However, a wedding probably isn’t the place to rock them (unless you’re just an evening wedding guest at the most informal wedding in the world). Don’t feel like just because you can’t wear jeans that you have to wear a dress though. Tailored trousers or culottes look super smart, and can be perfect for a spring wedding. Just make sure to dress them up with some barely there heels.

missguided what not to wear to a wedding


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Animal Print

Missguided animal print

So this one falls under the “stop stealing the bride’s thunder” category. Yeah, we know, the day isn’t about you, you’re just a wedding guest, blah blah blah. Fair enough, skin-tight animal print dresses, à la Scary Spice, have the potential to cause a bit of a scene – And are probably best saved for a big night out rather than a wedding. But if the dress is beautifully cut, and in a classy shape, then leopard print can be a welcome change from all the florals.

missguided what not to wear to a wedding


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Missguided black collage wedding guest

It’s a wedding, so you definitely don’t want to look like you’re at a funeral. However, black is certainly not a complete no-go as a wedding guest and can look seriously chic if you style it well. Again, floral patterns are a good way to nail this colour – However, if you are dead set on all black, then just pair your outfit with some bright accessories to make the look more daywear appropriate.

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Revealing Outfits

Missguided Revealing outfits

You don’t want to feel underdressed as a wedding guest (literally). The aim of wedding guest attire is to look classy and fabulous. This means a deep plunge, backless, mini dress with a thigh split is not appropriate. However, you don’t need to avoid showing some skin. Choose a deep plunge maxi dress or a mini dress with a high neck. This sticks to the age-old rule of legs OR boobs and is probably best for a wedding situation. Plus you’ll still look dead sexy – Bonus.

missguided what not to wear to a wedding


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