How to Survive Your Work Christmas Party

‘Tis the season to drink too much prosecco and tell creepy Gary from accounts EXACTLY what you think of him – That’s right, office Christmas party time is upon us! Let’s be honest, spending a night socialising with people you normally have to get paid to be with probably isn’t your idea of heaven (unless you’re lucky enough to have a personal angel in the form of a work BFF), and it seems as though you’re not alone. You only have to google “Office Christmas Party” for endless articles with tips on how to survive the dreaded night without embarrassment. However, here at Missguided, we believe rules are made to be broken. Here’s our take on some of the most popular tips we found:

1. Avoid Office Romances

Their advice:

Don’t kiss your colleagues or you will probably be sacked and/or die of embarrassment.

Our advice:

So we understand the logic behind this one, and maybe this isn’t the time to outrageously flirt with your boss (who’s married and ancient). However, perhaps you’ve had your eye on that cutie in IT for months, but haven’t been able to pluck up the courage to say something. In the wise words of Love Actually, “at Christmas, you tell the truth”, so down yourself some liquid courage and tell them how you feel. You never know, the feeling might be mutual, and if it is there should be lots of mistletoe around to sneak a Christmas snog.

2. Dress “appropriately”

Their advice:

No skin must be showing other than your face, and maybe your hands, but even then only if absolutely necessary.

Our advice:

What even is “appropriately”? We think the work Christmas party is your time to slay, so wear what makes you feel like a boss babe. Wanna bear a bit of leg? Do it. Wear head to toe sequins? Why not? Squeeze your beautiful curves into a bodycon Bey would be jealous of? Yes, queen! The most important things in life are to be happy and fabulous. So take a look through our gorgeous Christmas party dresses and find one that makes you feel like the goddess you are.

3. Keep your dance moves to yourself

Their advice:

Work Christmas parties are strictly for polite chit-chat and that awkward tappy-foot sway dads do at weddings.

Our advice:

We know you’ve got the moves. To be honest, even if you have two left feet we say to embrace it and dance like you’re Beyoncé anyway. Ignore the haters and be your confident, beautiful, extra self. Our only real advice here is to make sure you can dance in your shoes and maybe practice slut-dropping in your barely-theres before you get to the party. Own that dancefloor!

4. Stick to the two-drink rule

Their advice:

Would you get sh*t-hammered at your desk? If the answer’s no, then don’t do it at your office Christmas party. Stick to maximum two drinks.

Our advice:

Soz, but who could survive the agony of socialising with your boss without pornstar martinis? It’s Christmas. Have a few drinks. Have a lot drinks. Line up the tequilas and shot them with Margaret from HR. Who are we to judge? Future you can deal with the consequences on Monday, right?

5. Don’t leave too early

Their advice:

It’s rude to be the first to leave.

Our advice:

Life’s too short for bad parties. If your work do is more lame than lit, then grab your BFFs and head to town (just don’t blame us for the hangover the next day).

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