5 Celeb Party Makeup Looks You Need To Try RN

To totally boss party season, you need a party outfit, but have you actually thought about your makeup? Don’t sweat the small stuff babe. We’ve rounded up this edit on some celeb looks that look off the hook.


Gigi Hadid

Winged eyeliner is an absolute must throughout the festive period but also one of the most temperamental. Building up your flick, wing, shape, whatever you’d like to call it, can be tricky, especially if you unevenly build it up too much and you end up putting Amy Winehouse signature flick to shame.  Gigi has opted for dramatic winged eyeliner with a light orange eyeshadow blend, nude lips and a strike of highlighter. 

Whichever eye shape you have, if you fail time after time to achieve an even look then one option is to draw a rough line with your eyeliner pen and then use a cotton bud with some petroleum jelly to sharpen the line and build shape.

Amanda Seyfried 

Is your party outfit pretty dramatic? Don’t drown out your look by wearing dramatic make-up too. This overbearing look isn’t for the faint-hearted and can sometimes take emphasis off your party outfit if it’s applied incorrectly. Amanda has completely toned down her make-up to give a natural vibe. Opt for a rose pink lipstick, a light eyeliner and mascara base, and a glide of highlighter to give radiance. 

Kendall Jenner

Party season wouldn’t be party season without a classic red lip. Kendall has opted for a cherry red lip, slight contouring and extra volume lashes. She’s steered clear from eyeliner to make sure all attention is on her red lip and dress.

Red lipstick is a colour everyone can pretty much pull off, you just need to find the right shade for your skin tone. You can coordinate your look by dabbing a little smudge of lipstick to the apple of your cheeks. You’ll look seriously hot hun when the light catches your face.

Selena Gomez

Selena never disappoints. Here at MGHQ this is hands down our fave party look. Keeping to a nude lipstick, Selena goes all out on her eye-makeup, opting for a smoky purple eye with shimmer. It’s all about blending if you want to achieve this look.

Top tip: dab a little cream/white powder near the corners of the eye. Sometimes dark make-up can intensify your eyes, making them appear smaller than they actually are. The white powder in the corner crease will open up your eyes showing nothing but radiance.


You may have heard the rule that if you’re opting for a dark lipstick, you need to tone down the rest of your make-up. RiRi defies the rules and opts for a dark purple dress followed by matching oxblood lipstick and a smoky purple eye.

You might wonder how the hell RiRi manages to rock this look. It comes as no surprise that RiRi is the master of makeup, given how successful Fenty Beauty collection is. Blending your eyeshadow whilst carefully avoiding a block colour can work wonders when you’re seeking a dramatic makeover. If you’re after a bold look throughout the festive season, this is your go-to inspo.

Like these looks? These are the makeup tools you need to be armed with to achieve a fire makeup game:

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