by | January 30, 2016

Life is way too short to not look killer every day, but with our increasingly busy lives, many of us are suffering from a bad hair day more than we care to admit. We’ve put together our favourite no-fuss hairstyles, so you can look smokin’ in under five minutes…

easy hair styles

The sleek ponytail

A firm favourite of Kim Kardashian West and all of her sisters, the sleek ponytail is easy to achieve and looks mega chic. Straighten your hair, make a straight-as-an-arrow parting and secure your hair with an elastic band. Wrap a single lock of hair around the elastic band for added sophistication and finish with hairspray to tame any flyaways. Voila!

hair styles easy

Beach waves

Getting beachy waves is actually a lot easier than you think. Separate your hair into two parts and plait each section, securing with elastic bands. Work your way down the plaits with a hair straightener, clamping down to lock the waves into place and then remove the plaits. Finish off the style with some texturizing spray and use hairspray on your roots for added volume.

easy hairstyles

Fishtail plait

Fishtail plaits look super cute and the good news is they’re nowhere near as complicated as they look! The idea is to plait your hair as normal, but use four sections of hair rather than three. Finish your fishtail plait by gently pulling the hair slightly out of place so that you get that super shaggy look.

easy hairstyles

The messy bun

Hair just not playing ball? The messy bun is a great way to side-step that bad hair day and will leave you looking amazing in minutes. Secure your hair into a messy ponytail (the messier the better, the whole idea behind this look is that it appears so effortless!) and grab those bobby pins. Wrap small sections of hair around your fingers and pin into place in a circle around your ponytail. When all of your hair is secured, pull the sections slightly to give it that teased, messy effect.