by | January 29, 2016

You’ve seen a sneak peek of our babe’in model Dom rocking the pink hair vibes on Insta and now we’ve got the how-to step by step tutorial for you. It’s so much easier than you think…

pink hair

What you’ll need

Old towel – one you don’t mind getting dirty as it’s gonna get covered in pink hair chalk


Dry shampoo

Rubber gloves

 What you need to do

pink hair

1. Prep your hair by loosely waving it using a hair wand to create messy beachy waves

pink hair tutorial

2. To do this take medium-sized sections of hair and wind around the hair wand in different directions then spray the roots with dry shampoo

pink hair tutorial

3. Put your rubber gloves on and place the old towel around your shoulders

hair pink

4. Starting at the back of the head, take sections approx. 3 inches wide and rub the pink chalk up and down onto the hair from the ends to the roots

pink hair how to

5. Rub the colour into the hair using your fingers to work it in and prevent blotchy coverage

hair tutorial

6. Repeat this process until the whole head is done one section at a time