by | January 22, 2016

Get the pink glossy eyed look with our step-by-step from the babe’in Missguided make up artist Fy. 

how to makeup tutorial

Kit you’ll need:

Shell coloured cream eyeshadow

Bright pink high pigment eyeshadow

Taupe eyeshadow

Peach eye liner

Waterproof mascara

Clear lip gloss

What to do:

1. First off, prep your eyelids with a shell cream eyeshadow

makeup tutorial

2. Then take a flat brush and press the pink eyeshadow into the lid up to the socket line/crease

makeup how to

3. Repeat this process to intensify the color and make it pop

4. With a dome-shaped eye shadow brush, take your taupe colour and, with small circular motion, apply over the edges of the pink to smooth any harsh lines

eyeshadow makeup

5. One thing to avoid is applying pink shadow under the eyes as it can make the eyes look sore. Instead focus on the top lid for a cooler vibe

6. Once blended, apply the peach eyeliner to the water line to open up the eyes and make them appear brighter

7. Apply two coats of waterproof mascara. It’s best to use waterproof mascara as the gloss you’ll apply in the next step can move quite easily and regular mascara can be messy

tutorial makeup

8. Lastly, apply a tiny amount of clear lipgloss at a time to the lid with a small flat brush

pink eyeshadow

9. So there you go, the best way to achieve the perfect pink glossy lids.

how to do makeup

Now you’ve seen ours, we wanna see yours. Use #babesofmissguided and send us a selfie to show us how it’s done.