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Manchester-based fashion blogger Kayleigh has got some serious style.  We’re always fangirling hard over her blog so caught up with her to chat about the day in the life of a fashion blogger, styling tips and where she looks for inspo.  Here’s what she had to say…

interview with kayleigh

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How did you get into fashion blogging?

I started blogging after discovering blogs myself and really enjoying them! I would look at blogs every day without fail – they became like a magazine to me, my daily reading material. I’ve always had an interest in fashion too so it seemed like a natural thing for me do get involved in.

What does a day in the life of you look like?

I usually get up at around 9am (the joys of working from home) and then spend the majority of my morning replying to emails. My afternoons will be spent photographing products or new outfits as well as writing posts and planning / editing my social media content. A lot more work goes into being a blogger than you’d think – there’s a lot to think about. I also do freelancing as well so some days I’ll be helping brands with their blogger outreach.

What’s your ultimate styling tip?

It would have to be ‘be yourself!’. Over the past few years I’ve realised that you don’t always need to follow trends and what everyone else is doing. There’s been times I wish I could pull off certain looks but I know what suits me and my body shape so I stick to items I know I’ll feel confident and comfortable wearing. I do still love trying new styles and trends but I’d never wear something just because it’s on trend!

Who do you look to for inspiration?

It would probably be other bloggers. As I said earlier, blogs are like magazines so bloggers are the people who inspire me the most. I think they’re a lot easier to relate to that A-list celebrities too as most are just normal every day girls.

What’s the most surreal moment of your blogging career so far?

It would have to be featuring in the Schwarzkopf LIVE TV advert. I filmed it last Summer and it’s still being aired on the TV now. I don’t think I’ll ever quite get over seeing myself during the adverts of prime time TV shoes like The X Factor!!

Any advice for anyone looking to start out?

I get asked this a lot by new bloggers and it’s a really tough one to answer as I don’t think there’s any secrets to success.

Most bloggers I know, myself included, are really passionate about what they do and don’t do it for the ‘freebies’, they do it because they love it. That’s really important and will make your blog stand out as your posts will show that passion and be more enjoyable. It’s also down to a lot of hard work – blogging takes time, you’re never going to gain thousands of followers overnight. It took about 12 months for me to gain my first 1000 readers!

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