by | April 27, 2015

Mega-babe Amy of The Little Magpie is a 70’s lovin’ fashion blogger based in Scotland.  Right now she’s vibin’ flares, floppy hats and brownies (who isn’t).

We’re fan girling hard on her style so caught up with her to chat nicknames, style crushes and SS15 trends…


Name: Amy from The Little Magpie

Location: Scotland

Nicknames: I used to get called AB in school but now I don’t really have one… I think it’s time to make like Ross from Friends and give myself a nickname.

Favourite trend for SS15: It has to be the 70s trend – I’m loving all the flares and floppy hats that are hitting stores now, finally I have a valid excuse to dress like Keith Richards.

My essential 70’s style piece of clothing is: scarves as headbands, every time.

If I could go to any festival it would be: Coachella’s right at the top of my bucket list – one day!

My all-time favourite bands are: Ooh tough one. The Black Keys, The Rolling Stones, Alabama Shakes.. too many to narrow it down!

My ultimate style crush is: Most of my style crushes are actually men, but I do love a bit of Alexa Chung (cliché, I know).

My guilty food pleasure is: Cheese and onion crisps or a big fat slice of chocolate brownie. Or both, why not.

A little known fact about me is: I have five boobs. Kidding, I don’t know actually… must become more interesting.

My ultimate travel destination is: New York, Los Angeles aaaand Santorini.

My favourite way to relax is: I’m truly terrible at relaxing, I’d say the only thing that really takes my mind off things is getting stuck into a good book.

Home is where: Rob and my puppy are (it doesn’t hurt if there’s some chocolate there too).

My favourite styling tip is: Keep it simple.

My favourite quote is: Everything and anything said by Oscar Wilde.

If I could be anyone, dead or alive, for a day I would be: Paolo Nutini so that I could kiss myself in the mirror.

My current TV series addiction is: I’ve been splitting my time between Parks and Recreation and Community – they’re the only two programmes I’ve found so far that fill the Office shaped hole in my heart.

Wanna know how to work Amy’s style into your own wardrobe?  She styles up her fave Missguided garms for a festival ready wardrobe right here:


Steal Amy’s festival style with our babin’ fringed jacket, smokin’ striped dress and black peep toe sandals.