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an interview with pages by megan

We just love it when fashion and music collide, and when one of our favourite bloggers Pages by Megan gets involved too it’s a full on love-in. We chat to Megan about her favourite styling tips for this season, her hotly tipped bands and those ever so slightly less glam moments of gig and festival life…

Right Now I’m Wearing:
I’m wearing a Cribs band tshirt, strangely enough Missguided frayed boyfriend jeans and a pair of pointed, metallic pink flats; a bit of a rock n roll meets 4 year old girl vibe.

My favourite live band are:

SLAVES, I am absolutely OBSESSED with this band. Their debut album is out of this world awesome and I’ve seen them 4 times already this year, with two more dates booked for October/November… SRSLY guys get yourself some tickets, you won’t regret it!

My go-to-gig/festival outfit is:
Normally something that is all black to hide the inevitable throwing of beer/wee situation that festival goers love so much. My leather jacket is always firmly attached to my back with a good ole pair of pointed black boots.

My favourite trend for SS15 is:
I’m srsly digging all things seventies particularly with a rock n roll meets novelty edge.
My fail-safe summer look is an A line skirt, slogan tshirt and a pointed boot.

My secret stylist tip is:
For every one part feminine throw in two parts masculine.
Boy meets girl vibes are THE ONE!

If I could be any celeb I would be:
Alexa Chung… ALWAYS! Oh to have a peek in her wardrobe.

My ultimate embarrassing crush is:
Gordon Ramsay, is that embarrassing?

 My favourite word is:

Frangipane… Although I don’t think I’ve ever tried a Frangipane… What a word though!

My biggest fashion disaster was:

I am surgically attached to my leather jacket. That + Summer + London Tubes = STICKY FASHION DISASTER

 My favourite quote is:

“Dreams don’t work unless you do”… LIFE MANTRA!

My ultimate style inspiration is:
Alexa Chung, for obvious reasons. But I also lurrrve Leandra Medina & Pandora Sykes along with Amy from The Little Magpie and Liv from What Olivia Did for accessible every day style.

My favourite relaxation routine is:
As weird as it sounds I like to put loud music on to relax, my current faves are Slaves- Are You Satisfied and The Marmozettes! Screaming, angry music is strangely calming. That combined with a good ole bubble bath and I’m srsly ‘laxed.

A little know fact about me is:
I have a sausage dog fund…

My favourite book/author is:
David Nicholls everytime!

One Day, Starter For 10 & The Understudy are my faves; I’m excited to get on holiday to finally get stuck in to his new book “Us” thats been gathering dust on my book shelf for months!

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