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London-based fashion blogger and all-around mega babe Emma Hill always has us lusting over her wardrobe.  She knows how to nail every day stylin’ so when we caught up with her this week, we just had to chat about her favourite trends for the season, her guilty pleasure style stalks and beauty must-haves.

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interview emma hill

Name: Emma Hill

Location: London

Blog: ejstyle.co.uk

Right now I’m wearing: Ripped jeans, a wrap shirt and heeled boots

My trend of choice for AW15 is: Layering.  I really feel the cold so this is actually the perfect trend for me.

My guilty pleasure style stalk is: Any of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters.  They’re not my style, but give ’em due they know how to show off their assets.

My biggest fashion disaster was: Nylon cycle shorts.  As a kid, you couldn’t get me out of them.  I had every colour and pattern you could think of, but I was only 7 so you’ll let me off for that right?

Right now I cam’t luve without: My new Saint Laurent bag.  I literally kiss it good night #sadtimes

My beauty product must-have is: A damn good mascara.  Currently Bourjois Glamour Volumising Mascara.

The actress to play me in a film would be: Sienna Miller.  She’s as British as they come and she’s got a great pair of tits (which I wish I had!)

My latest Instagram photo was: A FWIS show.  They’re my fave kinda shots of the outfits that I’m wearing day to day.

My most used emoji is: *crying eyes laughing emoji* but I really think they need a ‘pee-your-pants’ emoji!

A little unknown fact about me is: I used to own a luxury pet company!  You name it, I sold it; four poster beds for pets, diamond collars, pet prams, doggie sunglasses…the list could go on.  Please don’t judge me 😉

A day in the life of EJStyle is: I wake up pretty early, around 6am to start working on my content and social platforms before I head out for the day.  I have 5 dogs, yes 5, but they are Chihuahuas so they kinda make up one normal size dog!  I take them out for a walk then I head out for any meeting/events I have, or I might be shooting some looks or collaborations for the blog.  When I get home I’m instantly changed into my sweats or PJs and then I make a start on replying to some emails or jotting down ideas for future content.  My events are spent covered in Chihuahuas snuggling on the sofa.

Exciting plans on the agenda?: A couple of trips next year with brands, and I got married in September this year so we have our big honeymoon coming up in August.  We’re doing 5 weeks travelling around the USA in a Mustang.  Rooooooooad trip! Words can’t express how excited I am for that.  Imagine the Instagram opportunities…oh and the quality time spent with my new husband of course 😉

My life motto is: Word hard, be yourself and whatever you do…don’t let other put you down, rip you off or try and step on you.

The one track to get me dancing at any party is: Usher.  Yeah, be prepared…I will knee-slide!

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interview emma hill

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