by | September 7, 2015

London-based blogger Victoria always has us lusting over her wardrobe and talk about major #hairgoals.  We caught up with her to chat guilty pleasure style stalks, beauty product must-haves and what else she has on the agenda for 2015…

interview with in the frow

Name: Victoria Magrath of Inthefrow

Location: North West London

Blog: Inthefrow.com

Right now I’m wearing: a coordoroy skirt from Alexa Chung for AG Jeans and a white tee from Nicole Farhi

My trend of choice for this season is: I’m adoring button up suede skirts at the moment as well as the bardot tops that are everywhere!

My guilty pleasure style stalk is: I adore Angelica Blick, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Grace. Theyre always so chic!

My biggest fashion disaster was: wearing a black elastic band choker with a plectrum hanging from it…I made it to go to a Blink 182 concert.

Right now I can’t live without: St Tropez 1 Hr Tan, it’s life!

My beauty product must-have is: the By Terry Baum De Rose lip balm in rosy babe. What a perfect lip balm!

The actress to play me in a film would be: Cara Delevingne, that would be awesome.

My latest Insta photo was: a bowl of salad that looked like an explosion of colour. It tasted just as good.

My most used emoji is: the purple heart!

A little unknown fact about me is: I have a PhD in fashion consumer behaviour!

A day in the life of Inthefrow is: waking up at 8, working on my laptop until 11, applying makeup, filming a video, editing the video, nipping to Tesco for food, cooking, watching Orange is the New Black and then finishing the evening with a film in bed with Alex.

Exciting plans on the agenda?: Hopefully I have a few amazing travels coming up that I cannot wait for, and I just relaunched my new blog so I’m still over the moon with it!

My life motto is: You Live You Learn

The one track to get me dancing at any party is: Party Up (Up in Here) by DMX !

interview with victoria in the frow

missguided blogger interview

Steal Victoria’s style:

  denim dungarees  crop top  biker jacket