Meet Portuguese style blogger Sofia.  Her style is killer and we’ve got serious envy scrolling through her Insta.  We caught up with her to chat blogging tips, fashion disasters and how to shoot the perfect OOTD…

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How long have you been blogging for?

It’s been five years since I started Mexiquer! Crazy!

How did you get into it?

I followed a lot of girls like Rumi Neely, Angelica Blick and Sincerely Jules and honestly I just felt I wanted to do something like them, express my style, thoughts and inspirations on  a place where other people could connect too.

How do you keep your content fresh?

I’m all about following a lot of IG and blog accounts. I love to loose myself for hours searching for cool photos, people, brands, it’s always inspiring to do that. Inspiration and freshness comes from everything really.

What is Missguided about to you?

I still remember when I first discovered Missguided. I thought it was so bold and original from every online store I knew at that time. I love how Missguided can really make a person stand out from the crowd, the clothes are awesome, everything from basics to edgy pieces. Missguided really stands for life style, it’s authentic and one brand I can really rely on throughout the year as an online shopping destination.

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What’s your top tip for anyone looking to start a blog?

Don’t be afraid to show your personality because that will be the thing that is going to distinguish you from the others.

What’s your go-to outfit?

For summer – playsuits or shorts, a cute top and some sandals!

What are you wearing right now?

As it is an office day, and I don’t have any dress code (lucky) – I’m wearing a white blazer, lace cami, shorts and sneakers. A mix between classic and relaxed!

Biggest fashion disaster?

I’m always ashamed of my 9th grade style when I had braids and wore bright colorful skirts! What was I thinking? ahaha

I guess I was never afraid of trying and playing with clothes!

What’s your favourite piece from New In and why?

The chartreuse Peace + Love satin wrap playsuit. I’m totally guilty ’cause I do have it and I’m so obsessed with it!  The color, the fabric and the way it fits is perfect! Totally one of my favorite pieces this summer!

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How do you shoot the perfect OOTD?

I love summer because that’s when I can shoot my outfits close to the beach and with sand on my feet. I love palm trees, a good light and that tropical vibe during summer! After picking the perfect spot, I just try to capture my mood, tell a story, show what I’m wearing and the details.

How do you edit your photos?

I usually edit my photos on Photoshop and VSCOCAM. Such good tools!

Snapchat or Instagram?


Who’s account gives you major Insta envy?

I’m a big fan of travel Instagram accounts, my favorite one is @doyoutravel

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Which emoji do you use the most?

This one . I’m always telling jokes and goofing around so this one is my favorite ahaha

What does a day in the life of Mexiquer look like?

Waking up, having a shower and taking my dog for a walk is how I start my mornings. Then it’s time for work at Melie Office. On my days off, I always plan something cool with friends, on the beach or at coffee terraces are my favorite places to go. Sometimes I plan a mini road trip to find cool places to shoot and finally I heading back home to relax and watch some series or movies.

What’s your life motto?

There are so many! But “take risks and venture outside your boundaries” is a really good exercise to make things exciting in life!

Who would be in your ultimate girl gang?

My favorite bloggers Angelica Blick and Lisa Olsson

What’s on your summer playlist?

Right now – Cold Water by DJ Snake ft. Justin Bueber & MO

Wanna know more?  Follow Sofia on Insta @mexiquer