Blogger babe Georgia shows us what a day in the life of a fashion blogger really looks like…

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9.30-10am: Firstly, unless I’ve got something specific to wake up for, I don’t set an alarm. This means I’ll naturally wake up around 9.30am and the first thing I do is head straight for the kettle as a cup of tea is compulsory.

I’ll usually grab my laptop and sit in bed with said cup of tea and check out the ‘New In’ pages on my favourite websites as well as catch up with any Kardashian themed Snapchat goss I might have missed whilst asleep.

11am-12pm: After a fairly laid back morning, I’ll jump in the shower and get ready for the day. This usually takes me around an hour if I’m not in a hurry.

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12.30-1pm: After feeding the cat, probably doing a bit of washing up and unloading the washing machine I’ll head out into Central London to shoot some blog photos. I tend to head up with my boyfriend, James, if he’s off work or meet another blogging pal.

It takes around half an hour for me to shoot, but that’s not including the 3 locations I tried and didn’t like beforehand, OR if I’m out with another blogger as that definitely involves stopping for lunch and at least two coffees. That’s totally not counting the time spent trying to get a good Instagram of our brunch either.

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3-4pm: I try and head home but chances are I’ll swing by Oxford Circus and have a quick browse in the shops, or pop into my uni, London College of Fashion, and catch up with some work in the library.

6pm: I’m usually home at this point, and I’ll throw on some loungewear, grab another mug of tea and sit at my computer and edit photos, schedule blog posts and flick through Twitter. Of course, my cat, Bear, can’t resist joining me.

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8pm: We try to eat dinner at a reasonable time, so I’ll probably have started cooking by now. Likely some form of pasta involving chorizo (my current fave) and then James and I will watch something on Netflix.

9.45pm: At this point, I’ll get into actual pyjamas and take my makeup off, as well as use a cleanser and give my face a good moisturize. I’ll probably brush my teeth now too. Totally stops me snacking.

10-11pm: James often works early so we try and get to bed before 11pm to start the whole thing again the next morning!

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