by | April 27, 2016

For cool AF casual wear inspo and a sh*t load of camel and pink, you’re gonna want to follow Alicia (if you don’t already).  This girl has killer style and a trainer collection we want for ourselves.  It looks like we’re not the only ones either ’cause she’s racked up nearly 120k followers on Instagram which is why we just had to catch up with her to chat Instagram tips…

interview lissy roddy

lissy roddy missguided

What’s your secret to Instagram success?

Oo difficult, staying consistent with my posts and staying true to my own style I’d say.

How do you shoot the perfect OOTD?

Lighting is everything, some changing rooms have such good lighting I can’t really not take an OOTD!

Selfies, OOTD, flat-lays…which photos are sure to get a load of likes?

OOTD photos definitely, they’re also my favourite posts I like to see from other Instagrammers too. I think it’s nice to see someones whole outfit to see what they do their day to day things wearing.

Whose account gives you major Insta envy?

So many, but one of my favourites is Erika Bowes.  Her layout and outfits are always perfect.

missguided blogger interview

What do you do to edit your photos?

I mainly just edit the brightness and contrast (to get that right lighting again!)

Do you have a fave filter?

I never actually use filters strangely as I edit the brightness already. I don’t like to over edit.

What’s your last Insta photo that got loads of love?

A camel tracksuit set, I’m constantly in joggers so I think people know what to expect from me now!

Who should we be following?

@OHKWORLD I get major inspo from their account, especially with trainer looks!

blogger interview missguided

What’s the last thing you screenshotted?

A meme! Haha I swear I could spend hours looking through them, they’re all so relatable.

Which emoji do you use the most?

The crying laughing emoji.  I don’t think I’m actually laughing half the time I use it though…

What’s your advice to anyone who wants their Insta to look as good as yours?

Stay true to your original style and post whatever you want to, even if some don’t like it!

Wanna know more?  Follow Alicia on Instagram @lissyroddyy

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