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We don’t know about you, but we sure as hell get a lot of our inspo from fashion bloggers who are killing it on Insta. We don’t even wanna know how many miles we’ve scrolled while lusting over their major outfits. Being a blogger isn’t just about taking smokin’ photos though, it can be a lot of hard work.  So, we caught up with the babein’ Yasmine Chanel to find out just what a day in the life of a fashion blogger looks like…

interview with yasmine chanel

yasmine chanel blogger

How did you get into fashion blogging?

I basically fell into fashion blogging and it all happened by chance which I love. I started out on Instagram, using it as a platform to express my love of fashion and photography. From there it grew and grew and one day I got an email from Lipsy London wanting to shoot me for their website and interview Michelle Keenan, it was that evening I started my blog and my first blog post was my interview with Michelle on her new clothing range, so not a bad start.

What does a day in the life of you look like?

It’s basically a day of adventure, lots of photography, good food, laughter and a hot outfit.

What’s your ultimate styling tip?

Good hair and makeup will make any outfit look good, I think it’s as important as the outfit itself.

Who do you look to for inspiration?

Sincerely Jules has always been one of my blogging inspirations, her style in clothing and photography is very feminine and girlie which I love! I just love how simplistic and easy her outfits are. Also, Kylie Jenner is another huge influence, she’s always so cool, bold and edgy which really appeals to me! She keeps us all on our toes which is what fashion is really all about.

What’s the most surreal moment of your blogging career so far?

Seeing my face on tv for the Schwarzkopf advert and having friends, family and followers recognise you. It’s a really overwhelming feeling to get yourself to that point in blogging, I’m very grateful for it.

Any advice for anyone looking to start out?

I always recommend starting your blog if you’re really passionate about it for the right reasons, look at it as a hobby and let it grow naturally. Be yourself with it and most importantly have your own style.

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