by | January 5, 2016

These are the 15 food hacks you’re gonna wanna know to help you reach your new year goals…

healthy food hacks 2016

1. Eat your greens cold – if you eat your veggies cold or raw, rather than cooking them, they’ll take up much more space on your plate meaning you’ll be less likely to fill it with the bad stuff. Try it out with spinach and carrot to start off with

2. Use your spice cupboard – the more flavourful the food, the less condiments such as calorific mayo you’ll need

3. Swap it – swap mayo for yogurt or guacamole

food hacks to be healthy

4. Use unsweetened almond milk rather than cows milk – you’ll notice a difference in pounds as well as your skin and hair

5. No frying – bake or grill your food instead

6. Swap rice – swap for healthier and more filling quinoa

healthy food hacks

7. Order extra veggies with everything – whether it’s on your pizza, in your pasta or as a side to your roast dinner, load up on veggies. You’ll be less likely to fill up on sweet things afterwards

8. Forget the butter – use avocado on your toast instead of butter to cut the bad fat content down

9. Cut the sugar – try to wean yourself off the sugar in your tea, and if you can’t go cold turkey, swap refined sugar for agave syrup

healthy food hacks

10. Eat fruit – eat the real, fresh stuff rather than the dried variety

11. Go dark – Can’t quit the chocolate habit? No worries, just swap your milk chocolate for dark chocolate. It has a lot less sugar and you’ll likely eat a lot less due to the rich flavor

12. Lettuce cups – if you’re going low carb, swap your wrap or burger bun with lettuce

healthy food hacks

13. Drink up – it’s the oldest trick in the book but we can’t stress it enough. Drink. Lots. Of. Water.

14. Beans, beans… – Eat lots of kidney and butter beans rather then potatoes and pasta for a healthier way to fill up at meal times

15. Take your time – taking longer to eat means you’ll register when you’re full enough to stop

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