The 10 Instagrams you NEED to be following right now

A new year calls for an Instagram refresh! It’s time to seriously look at the hundreds of follows you gave your time to in 2017 and consider whether they’re worth your valuable time anymore. It sounds harsh, but it’s got to be done. We’ve rounded up 10 of the best Instagram accounts of the week to give you the inspo you’ve been yearning for.


We’re sure you’ve seen 25-year-old model, activist and founder of Gurls Talk, Adwoa around this year. She was announced as the new Contributing Editor to British Vogue and graced the cover of Edward Enninful’s first issue last  November, and she just won Model of the Year at the Vogue Fashion Awards. Babe’s doing bits.



Had to do it @lionelthehog

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You’ve definitely seen this guy around on your Instagram feed before. If you want to watch Ryan Gosling being fed a bowl of cereal, this is the page you’ve got to be following. Yeah, you heard. This guy has some hilarious content that will entertain you for hours on end. We’ve definitely found ourselves lost in his feed so many times!



Ok, so this is a account is literally a page of cute AF dogs. Need we say more?



caption this boo

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This is one of our favourite accounts on Instagram at the minute! You know that term “coolcat”? Yeah, that came from Peach, the cat. This account is filled will images of Peach giving us all the Friday feelin’ vibes, even on a Monday morning.



6 Years In The Rave…

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This babe is on fire at the minute! Her style is sick and unique, killin’ it in every pair of sneaks in the world – it would seem. This is the ultimate page for serious style inspo – think classic hiphop 90’s vibes. You’re welcome.



You’ve probably heard of @advancedstyle, photographer Ari Seth Cohen, probably without knowing it! Follow Ari on Instagram to learn from your elders and inhabit the bold lifestyle of fashion, beauty and culture. It is a daily reminder to embrace the passage of time.



sneakypeeky @andrew_kuykendall @nakid_magazine #nitenite ✨

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We are so in love with Chloe Norgaard right now and we just can’t stop scrolling her feed. She’s the model with the most buzzed-about hair in the business and her feed: “all things tie-dye” which explains the hair sitch. Her colourful lifestyle, crazy antics and adorable smile, will just have you lost in her profile.



We’ve all heard of Joan Smalls, right? INCREDIBLE Victoria Secret super model from Puerto Rico, who has been showing off that striking jaw and killer pins (we’re not envious at all) for time, and to be totally honest, isn’t going anywhere fast. If you’re looking searching for some beauty tips and, well just to lose yourself in the glamor, then follow this babe.



why haven’t i seen this @matteaston !?

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Cat who has been a part of the modelling industry since she was 14 and now she is one of the biggest Australian super models out there right now! Her Insta feed shows a true mix of personal vs professional life and she knows how to KILL it at both! You really get the sense of a ‘no f*ck’ attitude that we’re totally onboard with! Did we mention, she’s FIRE.



“You are not only one person! But dozens, hundreds of personalities,” Yeah, we’re absolutely feelin’ this! Mega babe and blogger, Freddie shows her incredible style through the art of pictures, truly bringing out her personalities. Not to mention her adorable little boy who’s smile is enough to give us life!