The 10 Instagrams you NEED to be following right now

Every now and again a quick Insta refresh is absolutely crucial to feel in tune with the modern world. It might sound ridiculous, but let’s be real babes, it’s so true. We all can lose ourselves for hours in the world of Instagram, whether you’re stalking your ex’s account, that girl who you met once in a nightclub toilet, looking for styling inspo or just keeping in the loop of how many times Beyonce has absolutely ruled this world, we’re all doing it.

With that, we’ve rounded up some of the insta accounts you really need to be following RN, from models, cats dressed up better than you could even dream of to inspirational posts to truly get you through that Monday morning.


Collaboration with @cruzmyheart #notestostrangers

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Looking for inspiration to get you through the day? ‘Notes To Strangers’ will do that for you. Created by Andy Leek, who leaves notes around for strangers to find (hence the name), this account truly inspires you to make the most of your day.


“A vacation is what you can take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.” #peaceout ✌ #timetorelax #travellife #winetime #agadorable (flashback friday ↩️)

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Agador AKA “Bob Ross of dogs” is probably the coolest pooch in the world. Think a dog with an afro wearing sunglasses and human clothing doing human things. What’s not to love? Follow Poochofnyc


#neonlife #neonart #neonlove #neonsign #neonlights

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Enter into a neon wonderland with just one click. This account is filled with endless inspo to make sure you’re living your best life and not giving a f*ck about any negatives around you. God’s Own Junkyard is a Rolling Stones cafe and bar based in London, displaying new, old & vintage neon and props.


Thank you to all my fans! Link in bio for a new song!

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10-year-old Mason Ramsey is a country musician based out of Harrisburg, Illinois. He’s known by a variety of different names. His stage name is Lil Hank Williams, but many people know him as Yodeling Walmart Boy, Yodel Kid, Walmart Kid, Yodeling Walmart Kid, Walmart Yodeling Kid, Walmart Yodeling Boy, or anything along those lines! A couple of weeks ago Mason took the world by storm (yes, at just 10 years old) and broke the internet as the yodelling Walmart kid. His accounts is filled with his work – managed by his grandmother! This is too much. Follow @lilhankwilliams


Are you into browsing your Insta feed searching for beauty inspiration? We’ve got just the babe for you. Juliane Snekkestad is INCRED. Model with Nevs modelling agency, based in London, she is a girl on the rise! You’re going to be seeing a lot more of her, let’s start with that button… Follow @JulianeSnekkestad


If you haven’t heard of the Clermont twins, then where have you been? These babes are Shannade and Shannon Clermont. They’re identical twins, collectively known as the Clermont twins. Ever watched Bad Girls Club? Well, they were in that! They’re also models, of course. These babes have the best ‘no f*cks given’ attitude and don’t care who knows it, and that’s exactly what we love about them. 


Meet writer and motivational speaker Chidera Eggerue AKA The Slumflower, who lives on her own accord and reminds other women to do the same and to find strength in being them. This babe created the #SaggyBoobsMatter movement and people are here for it! Chidera Eggerue has learned to love her body – saggy boobs and all – and now she wants to help others to do the same. If you’re looking for some truly inspiring attitudes, this is your babe. Follow @theslumflower


Baby I got superpowers

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This babe is insane. Noemi AKA cleopatratheone is a true inspiration to all who follows her. Not only does she look incred and leads the glamorous life we all wish we could, but she has been completely open about her struggles in life and inspires babes around the globe to do the same and to embrace who they are and their challenges. She is our type of babe. Whether you want to lose yourself in the incredible art, dreamy lifestyle, amazing bikini inspo or to battle your own demons, this is the account you need to follow.


Pussy Squad

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Zappa the cat probably is the coolest cat on earth and it’s likely that he has more designer clothing than you do. If you don’t already follow Zappa and get lost in his account for hours, you really need to. You don’t even have to be an animal lover to appreciate this account, but obviously, you are because who isn’t?? If you need a pick me up on a Monday morning or some weekend feels, this is the account you need to follow. You could even get some styling tips along the way.


This weird but wonderful account seriously needs to be on your radar RN. Siduations is one of fashion’s funniest Instagram accounts that takes looks straight from the runway or street style and places them in a decidedly quotidian situation.

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