by | March 17, 2016

Now don’t get us wrong, we don’t claim to be fitness addicts or personal trainers, sometimes we don’t make it past the fridge.  But these are the 10 steps we’re putting into action for operation beach-bod…

how to squat


If there’s one thing the Kardashian clan have in common, they all have smokin’ booties. Yes, they may not necessarily be au naturale (ahem) but the hip to waist ratio makes every bandage dress they wear look unreal. Squat your way to booty perfection with these moves.

ab exercises


Now if we’re gonna work hard on getting that perfect butt, then we want a toned stomach to match. Gym classes have taught us that planking is a sure fire way to strengthen and tone your abs and is a pretty straight forward exercise. Mix it up by adding a few side plank reps to give your abs the full workout.  And in case you were wondering, Sophie Gray is totally our #abspiration RN.

workout regime summer


Now our run might resemble something similar to Phoebe’s from Friends, but that doesn’t stop us from getting out on the track. Running is a great way to maintain a healthy weight, whilst building strong bones and improving your overall cardiovascular fitness. It can also be fun once you get into it…really!

workout exercises


If you’re looking for a form of exercise that’s less high impact and easier on your joints, why not consider going for a dip at your local leisure centre…or pool in Ibiza? Swimming is a great way to work all your muscles at the same time and will help you get that killer bod you’ve been dreaming of. Plus, it’s also a great excuse to invest in some new swimwear right? Yeah, we thought so!

beach body exercuse


There’s fit and then there’s spinning fit and they’re totally not the same thing! Enrol in one of your local spinning classes and kick your fitness into a new gear. You may feel like you wanna die in your first few sessions, but it won’t be long before you start seeing the results.

exercise routine


Dancing shouldn’t only be reserved for when out with your gal pals after a few too many double mixers; it’s also an amazing way to get fit whilst having fun. Whether this means joining a Zumba class, or simply having a dance around your living room, it’s time to get up and get moving.

healthy food


Let’s admit it, if you’re going to start hitting the gym and hitting it hard, a few salad leaves at lunch just won’t cut it. Take the time to plan your meals and make sure you get the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables. Keep your carbohydrates to a minimum on those days you aren’t training and pick a day in the week where that slice of cake is a well-deserved treat.

beach body


Amping up your fitness routine is going to mean drinking a lot more water. The worst thing you can do to your body is not give it what it needs to run efficiently and your workouts won’t be up to much if you’re de-hydrated. It’s also worth investing in some protein powder; having a shake pre or post workout will help your muscles recover much faster.

how to stretch


We’re taking tips from Kayla Itsines on this one and making use of a roll mat to help us stretch.  The importance of stretching before and after exercise is often overlooked and avoiding it will only lead to cramps. Wanna know how to stretch properly?  Here’s how

rest day


Guess what? Rest days are actually an important part of a healthy fitness route (yes, really!). So you can feel totally smug and deserving of a sloth every two or three days. That means binge watching Netflix without any of the guilt or ‘I need to sort my life out’ thoughts running through your head.

You’re not gonna get the butt you want by sitting on it.  Shop sportswear here.