by | May 16, 2016

And if you think you’re not, you’re in denial…

1. Your first thoughts when you wake up and last thoughts before you go to bed (and every thought in between) are all weddings weddings weddings

wedding bridezilla

2. People have started avoiding you at parties because they just can’t deal with wedding talk from you anymore, you’re like a broken record

3. Your groom stops talking to you and you don’t even notice for like, a week because you have so much wedding stuff to do

4. You’ve turned into the grumpiest person you know due to lack of sleep as a result of thinking about the wedding too much

bridezilla signs

5. 3 out of 5 of your BFFs said no when you asked them to be your bridesmaid

bridezilla signs

6. Noticed a lot of people just aren’t picking up the phone when you call them recently? Yep, they’re done with you too

signs youre a bridezilla

7. The level of perfection you demand from every detail, down to your groom’s socks, is completely unrealistic (no he can’t have personalized socks made from the teardrops of unicorns…)

8. You’ve stopped saying thank you when given help, therefore people have stopped offering

are you bridezilla

9. When your fiancé suggests anything, you’re like…

10. Your Pinterest board is now your home page and you spend 23 out of 24 hours a day on it

11. You may as well become a wedding planner seeing as you’ve done so well planning your own wedding, right?

bridezilla signs

12. Basically this

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