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10 Aug, 2016

snapchat kylie

1. She somehow manages to look weird and hot at the same time while using filters

kylie jenner tutorial

2. She films full makeup tutorials that are like, 40 snaps long. And we replay them over and over just to make sure we get the eyeshadow blend just right

kylie jenner lipkits

3. She loves giving us sneak preview of her lip kits

kylie lip filter snapchat

4. That time she got her own filter and asked Snapchat, “Are you making fun of me?”

kylie jenner selfie

5. No one takes a selfie quite like Kylie

kris and kylie jenner snapchat

6. Snapchat filters with Kris are life

kylie jenner style

7. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate Kylie’s outfits

kylie jenner hair

8. She Snapchatted her hair cut in real time.  And she looked INCRED at the end, obv.

kylie jenner

9. She doesn’t care about Snapping when she’s got no makeup on

kylie bff

10. Snapchats with her BFF are serious friendship goals

kylie dog

11. Her dogs are really cute and they regularly make an appearance

kylie and kim

12. The sister love is so real

kylie and tyga

13. So is the love for Tyga

14. You know you’re ballin’ when you have an Instagram account made in your name with all of your Snapchat stories @kylizzlesnapchats

30 million followers?! I just found out I’m in the top ten most followed on Instagram and #1 viewed person on snapchat this is still CRAZY to me. Blessed to feel loved & when I launch my website I have many ideas to give that love back I can’t wait!!!

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15. She’s the #1 most watched person on Snapchat.  So, she’s gotta win Snapchat Queen crown, right?